10 Best and Important Tutorial Sites for Students Must to Know

Online tutoring and teaching have become a popular resource for students of all ages who want to learn about almost any subject. It is frequently less expensive than traditional in-person tutoring since it may be done at home on a computer or mobile device. Students like the ability to examine and select courses that are appropriate for them. Teachers like the option to make additional money doing what they do, from the comfort of their own home—and on their own time.

Here are some of the best finest websites for students for tutorial purposes. As a student, these websites may greatly assist you in increasing your grade and productivity. So, let’s have a look:


Are you a student of Electronics Engineering? Then Arduino should be added to your bookmarks. Arduino describes itself as an “open-source electronics prototyping platform built on flexible, user-friendly hardware and software”. The best aspect of Arduino is that they sell supplies as well as offer free online video lessons, allowing beginners in electronics and electrical engineering to obtain hands-on experience and practice.

The Khan Academy

From third grade arithmetic and high school biology to U.S. history and macroeconomics. This extraordinary charity provides a wide range of pre-K to college-level courses. Khan for Educators offers instructors information, how-to films, and recommendations for implementing Khan Academy with their students. Free.


Udemy is the world’s largest provider of online video education, with over 130,000 courses available. There is something for every interested learner, with areas as broad as IT/software, photography, engineering, and humanities. The ratings for each course assist users in deciding which ones to purchase. Earn money by teaching on Udemy as a bonus for instructors. A staff of instructors is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist teachers with course development.


If you enjoy flashcards, you will enjoy this as well. Expert of Assignment help dubai say, Quizlet is a flashcard service where you may study using flashcards but in a much more structured manner. It began as an online learning tool. Quizlet, as a memorization tool, allows registered users to create sets of phrases according to their own needs. It also has an application programming interface via which users may access Quizlet data. You may also upload and download flashcards, as well as change other people’s flashcards.


This website prefers to refer to its teachers as mentors rather than tutors. The service creates a unique work plan for each kid, records all of its sessions for review, and meets with parents regularly. (If you merely need a refresher between sessions or school years, they have free, downloadable worksheets). Pricing ranges from $21 per month for one session per month to $900 per month for 50 sessions spread out over six months.


Inspiration? TEDed feeds your inspiration with educational subjects on a variety of intriguing themes. It is, in reality, a media group that broadcasts speeches online for free distribution under the banner “learning worth spreading”. Its primary branch is TEDx, which covers incredibly inspiring and motivating online speeches under the phrase “ideas worth spreading.”

W3Schools provides easy-to-understand examples and in-depth lessons on AJAX, SQL, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML markup code for students interested in practical aid for programming and coding languages. This varied assortment of instructional resources guarantees. That students of various levels of competence may receive the information they require to finish their projects and succeed in their chosen careers.

The w3schools website has simple navigation that allows sophisticated users to focus on their specific areas of interest while guaranteeing that beginners can rapidly get the knowledge. They need to finish their design projects and accomplish their short-term and long-term computing objectives.


Efunda includes a compendium of all the equations and significant engineering ideas. The directory section gives basic information on a variety of topics. The magazine area has a variety of magazines covering a wide range of topics. Engineering students deal with physics, mathematics, and chemistry; this site is quite valuable for them because it has all of the daily equations, unit conversion calculations, and so on put in one location.

Basic ideas and definitions are thoroughly covered in the section on processes. Another great feature is the calculator part, which is an online tool for calculating integrals, functions, and other things.


Wyzant claims to have over 80,000 teachers ready to assist students with their studies. There are also a large number of previously archived courses on the site. So students may brush up on popular ideas and quiz themselves to discover where their weak areas are before engaging a tutor. Prices vary according to tutor and level of experience.


Toodledo is a fantastic tool for organizing and staying focused on your large list of to-dos. Furthermore, you don’t need to write anything down because it categorizes everything based on the significance of the work. Such as chores for studying, activities to accomplish around the house, and personal duties. Toodledo also works with Apple Watch and is adaptable enough to fit with any style.


Codecademy, one of the most creative educational sites in the computer science area provides two levels of help for students interested in learning to code professionally. The website provides free self-directed learning and basic coursework. Students who desire more active coaching, a personalized study plan, and assistance from experienced academic advisers can pay a monthly fee to subscribe to Codecademy Pro. However, for those who are new to coding, the free training provided through the basic Codecademy site may provide a good foundation in computer fundamentals at a cheap cost, allowing students to explore this profession without making a significant time or financial investment.

Above are the most useful websites for the students for tutoring. But most of the students don’t even use them because they don’t find any reason to use them. So, here are the reasons why these sites are useful for students.

Reasons to use online sites for tutoring

Online tutoring has grown in popularity as a means for children, teens, and adults to revise their chosen topics. We have lost the option of in-person tutoring and sitting in a classroom in the present atmosphere. Which sees many students being home-schooled and reviewing at home. To provide students with real-time results and instruction, online tutoring blends artificial intelligence, one-on-one lesson planning, and quick feedback.

Here are some of the main reasons to use them:


When you have control over something, it gives you a sense of security. Online tutoring allows you to choose the hours and days that work best for you, as well as work from anywhere. This is excellent if you have a strict review schedule and only a limited number of time slots available for one-on-one instruction. Furthermore, not having to go to a classroom means that you have more time to study and less time to be distracted and procrastinate.

Personalized education

Online tutoring allows students to work at their speed with no time constraints. This is in contrast to group learning when individuals must match the speed of the class. Spending extra time on the same topic can help to enhance weaker aspects of a subject since they can progress at their own pace and ask as many questions as they need to. Once a tutor understands the students’ skills and shortcomings, he or she may design specialized lessons and provide a more personalized experience.

Contact your tutor regularly

Online tutoring, unlike classroom instruction, does not cease when the lesson concludes. Because students communicate with their tutors via video call, they may maintain constant communication with the click of a button in between sessions. Students can benefit from improved communication as they develop a trusting connection with their tutors, resulting in a constant discourse that extends beyond weekly meetings.


Private tuition may be expensive; online tutoring makes quality instruction available at a lesser cost, and during the present epidemic, every student wants to be able to receive tutoring from the comfort of their own home. Online tutoring helps instructors to keep their charges cheap because there is no downtime due to travel.

This is the reason, today most of the students go for online help whenever they need it. that’s why today services like cheap dissertation writing help in Dubai based are in great demand.

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