How Custom Candle Boxes Enhance the Sales of Your Candles?

In recent times, candles have become the obsession with decorating their rooms, seating areas, and luxury candles are best for gifting purposes. As a candle vendor, you need to make your candle packaging loveliness that grasps users’ attention and helps you increase your sales for more profitability. You must choose custom candle boxes to yield enticing user experiences on this subject. But some brands use premade boxes that are the bigger mistake that decreases the ratio of your sales and profitability. So, let’s figure out first whether customization is beneficial or pre-made boxes. 

Premade or Custom candle Boxes- Which One Is Better for You?

Customization has become an essential part of your many products with time. And most people buy the products on behalf of packaging design and style. So, make them enthralling and fetching with customizing candle boxes. On this subject, the use of custom candle boxes is perfect for packing your candles pleasantly and gleefully to attract users. 

On the other hand, the use of premade boxes does not allow brands to choose any option according to their choice. Add to this, you buy three boxes in the amount that the manufacturer offers but are not able to choose quantity according to your demand. Also, you cannot be able to use any add-on and extra security material addition for candle boxes. 

Choose Quality Cardstock for Protection of Candles

The initial step to increasing your sales is picking the cardstock according to your candle packaging boxes. The candle is a product that is made with wax and has a threat to easily damage. Apart from this, market shelves are full of pillar, taper, and jar candle waxes; all are fragile or easily damaged with minor mishandling. Therefore, you need to pick the custom candle packaging that imparts strong shelter to secure the candle from wasting. So, choose cardboard, Kraft, corrugated and rigid cardstock that are used to generate titillating candle packaging. 

Superlative Design for Printed Candle Box to Engage Audiences 

Now it’s time to play with design patterns and make your candle appearances engrossing. In addition to this, you need to finalize the candle packaging boxes designs according to your brand theme and product requirements.  

However, you can use dark and light colors with attractive design patterns for your candle packaging boxes. Well, use bold colors with quality design patterns for your candle boxes, then you need to use gold foil to print your design on the box. Here is the list of famous design patterns in the industry to make your candle box catchy. 

  • Intricate lines 
  • Floral design 
  • Blurring effects 
  • Marbling design 
  • Retro vintage designs 
  • Gradient touch 

Print Fragrance Ingredient On the Printed Candle Box

Another option is to mention the main fragmented ingredient in the box. This tactic works for those customers who are crazy for several ingredients and find all items that contain them. Here is the list of some top flavors of the aroma of candles most demanded by people. 

  • Rose 
  • Lavender 
  • Rosemary 
  • Sakura Flowers 
  • Amber and Vanilla blossom 
  • Water Lily 
  • Red currant Persimmon  

Hence, you can print the picture of any main element that is used in the candles. It eventually boosts the value of your product packaging and provides the product info. 

Branded candle to make Your Brand Word Of Mouth 

A meaningful logo on your brand makes your brand word of mouth for everyone. So, you can use the logo on your custom printed candle boxes to make them engaging and adorable for your audiences. Furthermore, you need to use a unique font style and size for your brand logo or name. But it is mandatory that your logo must be catchy and unique to provide proper recognition on overcrowded shelves. 

Eco-friendly Cardstock to Catch the Environment-Conscious Audiences

Customization offers you the option to choose eco-friendly cardstock that is nature-friendly and helps build your large customer base. Many people want to play their role in the sustainability of the environment and buy products from the brands that pack their items in eco-friendly candle box packaging. So, Kraft made candle packaging stays green for sustainable environments. Also, custom candle boxes wholesale is a cost-effective option for your brands that is available at discounted prices. 

The gist of Up Thoughts 

So, this article concluded the ways you can use to boost your candle sales and make your place in the pool of competitors. In this regard, you need to use custom candle boxes that give an appealing look to your candles to create your own recognition in the clusters of competitors. In addition to this, you need to pick quality cardstock, esthetic designs, astonishing styles, and add-ons for your candle packaging boxes. Also, eco-friendly cardstock is one of the better choices to pack your candle for sustainability.

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