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4 Best Indoor Plants For Decoration

Nothing spices up your home quite like bringing in a little Mother Nature. The colors and scents not only accentuate your indoor décor, but they add an atmosphere to the home that is best described as ‘the breath of life’. So, what plants should you choose?

Today We’re going to share with you 4 of the best indoor plants for decoration to help you to narrow down your decision. Each of these plants brings something special to the table, so without further ado let’s take a look and you can see what you think!

Meyer Lemon Tree – Citurs X Meyeri

One of the most amazing additions of living art that you can add to your home is the Meyer Lemon Tree. Depending on whether you are using grafted or seed-grown varieties, these lovely and tiny trees can start producing lemons within 2 – 3 years and the scent is absolutely intoxicating.

The lemons you get are also sweeter than your standard variety, thought to be the influence of a little hybridization with mandarin trees.

As far as enchanting your home space, this tree can definitely go a long way and they’re not even that hard to take care of – watering is typically once every 1 or 2 weeks and they need bright, indirect sunlight.

Amazon Lillly – Eucharis Amazonica

With lush, dark green leaves, the Amazon Lilly has a stately look about it, but just you wait until winter and spring! During this time, your Amazon Lilly will produce beautiful white flowers with yellow centers that not only look amazing, but which will add a sweet fragrance wherever you’ve placed the plants.

When you add in that they only require medium light and once-a-week watering, they make for a highly desirable and low-maintenance beauty that you can definitely host at home.

Rubber Plant – Ficus elastica

With their assorted color combinations, such as ‘Ruby’, ‘Burgundy’, and ‘Tineke’, the broad leaves of the rubber plant are beautiful and come with a classic look that really shines wherever you want to place it. Just keep in mind that they DO take a little extra attention in the water and sunlight areas.

Rubber plant soil should be kept moist, but not drenched, and bright, but indirect sunlight is best – never direct, as it can burn and wilt the leaves!

Kentia Palm – Howea Forsteriana

If you like the graceful arch of fernlike-fronds, then have we got a treat for you! The Kentia Palm produces them in tall, sweetly-leaning arrangements that are sure to catch the eye and also quite easy to maintain.

To keep those leaves healthy and green, simply water your plant once a week and produce it with bright, indirect sunlight. The only caveat is that you’ll need to prune them from time to time, but this will be infrequent as these plants are slow-growers.

In closing

Making a little magic with Nature is easy to do and makes your home so much more fulfilling to come home to. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this list of the 4 best indoor plants for decoration and that at least one of them has caught your eye.

Whether you want to fill the home with the sweet smell of lemons, compliment the art on the wall with tall, graceful fronds, or brighten the room with the whiteness of lilies, all it takes it a trip to your nursery.

After that, with a little patience and a whole lot of love, you won’t believe the difference that these little gifts of Nature can make!

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