4 Easy Steps to Learn Acting Without Any Classes


Money, glamour, and popularity a successful person in the film, television, and entertainment industry holds attracts many young people. They dream to be an actor, director, or producer. And in this regard, they make every possible effort, from attending acting classes in Mumbai to self practice. Getting an admission into an acting/drama school is not easy for everyone. Some people try to learn acting without any classes. Here are some simple steps for you to follow if you are among such people:  

  1. Make a plan for learning the requisite skills

Whatever the reason might be for not attending classes at an acting studio or drama school, you don’t need to lose your hope. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind:

  • To be an actor, there is no need for a degree or diploma.  
  • No film/stage/television production house will hire you just for having a respective certificate, diploma, or degree. 
  • You need to prove yourself at auditions. Your certificate, diploma, or degree will be a useless paper document.   
  1. Educate yourself

To educate yourself doesn’t mean you need to take an admission at one of the top acting schools in India. Keep in mind you are going to learn acting without any classes at any school. Here educating yourself means read, read, and read. In your search on the Internet, in a library, or in a book fair, you can come across plenty of books that will explain everything for you. By going through some of them, you will have an idea about 

  • How this industry works 
  • Acting techniques 
  • Methods 
  • Crafts 
  • And many allied others    

Yeah, it is the truth that no one can learn how to act well by just reading a few books. You know the theory and how everything works in the industry. And this will keep you ahead of many aspiring actors. It is, as many famous production houses ask questions about the industry and their own production companies.

  1. Train yourself 

It is crucial for you to have practical training. Here, it doesn’t mean that you should have training from a reputed acting or drama school. In this step, you need to train yourself by practising at home or participating in local theatre. You should watch the videos of your favourite actors/movies or know how an actor acts on the stage. With it, you will learn how to perform for a scene and read a script.  

  1. Prepare yourself

At this level, you will have a sound knowledge about the industry, influential people, and how to promote yourself for having an entry into the industry. After reading books, speaking to industry famous people, production houses, and directors, you will have an increased confidence level. Now, the time is to make yourself ready for landing into the industry. And for this, you can create a resume and awesome portfolio. You can make a video for yourself if you have already acted in a small documentary film or a drama in a local theatre. Here are some more points in this regard:

  • Have patience 
  • Participate in auditions held in your local/other cities 
  • Look for acting representation 
  • Become a member of a casting website/house
  • Take any acting job to have an entry into the industry

There is no need for a degree or attending classes to learn acting. To be successful in acting, you need to prove yourself that you have all the requisite acting skills and you can perform better. And in this regard, you can make a plan, educate, train and prepare yourself.   

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