4 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips to Attract Customers to Your Restaurant 

If you own a restaurant that offers mouthwatering dishes but you are behind on social media, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. With effective marketing on social media, you can reach thousands or millions of viewers. You can post attractive photos of your dishes with location tags, which makes it ideal for restaurant marketing.

Many people like to scroll through delicious food photos so take advantage of this and create a profile for your restaurant. Besides posting content on social media, provide adequate information on dish names and prices like the delicious Crisp Chicken Burrito for $3.29.  

Here are the top social media marketing techniques to get you started.  

Optimize Your Bio on Each Platform 

No matter how much time you have invested in uploading high-resolution pictures, it will go to waste, if you don’t include your contact details in your bio. Just like how your profile content is centered around your business, the bio for each of your platforms should be optimized. 

When customers find your post intriguing and decide to contact you for a reservation but they can’t find your location, email, or phone number simply because you forgot to fill out the bio section properly. The main goal of your marketing strategy is to drive customers to your restaurant. If you don’t include the most important information, you can lose out on significant sales. 

Re-Share Customer Posts About Your Brand 

When you see customers posting about your restaurant or a dish that they enjoyed, it is a kind of free marketing. You can even take advantage of this opportunity and re-share their posts. This way, you can drive more customers by posting positive customer reviews. 

There are plenty of free and paid tools to make this task easier for you. While using such apps, you can automate name and mention tracking to get instant updates when a customer or someone else talks about you. A great option is to start with Google Alerts. 

Post Seasonal Menu 

To stay on top of people’s minds, launch new dishes and create seasonal menu items. People enjoy new things and always crave change. 

Every time you create new a recipe, post about it on social media. Post attractive food photos to grab the attention of the audience. The way you display your dishes also plays an important role in marketing.

Respond to Customer Feedback 

Many restaurant owners are always ready to respond to positive and happy reviews. But they tend to ignore the negative ones and this is understandable. When someone posts a comment about your restaurant, others can see it. Rather than making delete the post, handle the situation by responding kindly. 

You can listen to them and see what led to their bad experience in your restaurant. Did they have an unpleasant experience because the food was not good enough? Were they dissatisfied with your service?

This way you can respond to customers better and it makes you look approachable at the same time. 

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