5 Doorway Ideas for a Unique Look in Your Home

The doorway sets the tone for entry. While we may not regularly think about the look of a doorway as we enter or exit a space, the way that a doorway looks implies what the room we are about to enter looks like, and helps us understand how we are supposed to feel as we enter. Creative doorways can be great opportunities for building unique spaces, taking ourselves and guests on a journey, and even defining the feel of a space. There are a surprising number of ways to use doorways to creatively evolve your space. Here are 5 ideas to use your doorway to create a unique look in your home. 

  1. Create an Experience

A doorway is a great opportunity to create an experience, and there are a number of ways to do this. One great way is to analyze your interior space and to create a doorway that welcomes you in. This type of tone setting allows you to seamlessly enter, or exit, a room without feeling shocked by what you have found within it.

If you have a highly modern space, a solid, wood grain black door can be a bold statement that welcomes in guests. If you have a more country styled interior, utilizing exposed wood on your door can be a great way to welcome entry. If you are using a door for a backyard or porch, something like a doorway screen with magnets can allow you to create a space that is open to the outdoors without letting in insects.

This type of process of creating a doorway experience is a style on its own, but is also a piece of every other idea explored.

2. Interior Doorways

Interior doorways are among the easiest ways to customize your space and create a unique interior look in your home. While external doorways need to be adequately sealed for weather, protect from break ins and keep your house safe, interior doors allow much more room for creativity. 

Hidden doors are one of the more creative ways to take advantage of your space. Have an office, library, or creative space in your home? Consider using a door disguised as a bookcase, or sliding wall. These types of choices allow you to take a number of creative liberties with your doorway, and build excitement around entry to a room, especially when showing newcomers. These also allow you to further set the mood of your space, and delineate the purpose of different areas. 

3. Hinges and Slides

One great way to add creativity and unique qualities to your doorways is to change how your doors open. The way that your doors open can have an immense effect on the feeling of a room, and can add a number of unique looks.

Sliding doors are very unique ways to adjust the look of a room, whether interior or exterior. A sliding door allows you to utilize a number of different materials and colors, as well as to create diversity between doorways in your home. A sliding door may indicate a change of room type. 

Additionally, a set of double doors, or an alternate type of hinge can be a great way to create a creative doorway. 

4. Material

While the way that your door opens, and how you design it are crucial, another great way to make your doorways pop, is to play with different materials in your doors. A glass door, for instance, is a sleek, and interesting way to provide a look into another room. It also can allow you bring natural light in through your doorway, not relying strictly on windows. 

There are a number of different glass door designs that can help you create an exciting feel. There are also different types of wood materials, and even alternate materials that can help you make exciting and creative spaces, entries, and exits. 

Examine your space and look at what types of materials are in use, find a material that either pairs well with it, or contrasts in an exciting and unique way. It may be that all your space needs to survive is an exciting new material.

5. Don’t Overdo It

While there are a plethora of exciting ways to spice up your doors and doorways, it is equally important that you don’t overdo it with your doorway. Doors are there to serve a function, and if you create a door or doorway that does not serve its function, then its appearance is moot. Focus on creating a door that is not only exciting, but is functional, and easy to take advantage of. When this is done well, the flow of your space will be easy and effortless. Spend time carefully planning and ideating your space, and you are bound to find success.

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