5 India’s Greatest Victories to remember for a long time

Cricket is merely a sport outside of India, but a “religion” in India. Every time this game is played on the field, there are numerous prayers chanted by every Indian. It is the only sport that is capable of bridging differences and uniting a billion people, whipping them into a frenzy once the men in the blue record a triumph. For India, playing cricket is a way of life and not just a sport.

Being one of the strongest teams in cricket today, the Indian cricket team is well known for setting new records and breaking old ones. The history of this squad is extensive, and it has made a name for itself as one of the greatest in the field right now and shortly. The gaming world is also well aware of his resounding victories, so its appeal is not just restricted to the barriers of supporters and viewers. Due to this, cricket is currently one of the most played sports, and many people frequent the site frequently to support their favourite Indian team. And even if we appreciate savouring the present, it’s equally necessary to occasionally relish the past.

This article, which details some of the greatest triumphs of the Indian cricket team throughout history, was written as a result. So buckle up for a trip down memory lane and prepare your seatbelts. You can now support the Men in Blue by watching the game on a cricket live video app available online as well.

The World Cup Final in 1983

Because they won the first of many world cups that year, 1983 will always be a special year for Indian cricket fans. The victory is considered to be the biggest win in Indian cricket history, although India’s path to the championship game was a difficult one.

We’re referring to the India vs. West Indies World Cup championship match. At the illustrious Lord’s Cricket Ground, where the match was played, India triumphed over their opponents without any remorse. It just took 52 overs for India to score 140 runs in this match, which took place on June 25, 1983. Fans would recreate this experience every day if they could.

June 25, 1983, is a special day and year for India. Every Indian was and till today is proud of this moment when India experienced the first ever world cup victory showing the world its significance.

Final of the 2007 T20 World Cup

When India won the 2007 T20 World Cup, it seemed like only yesterday. Because it was against their well-known adversaries, Pakistan, this victory will always hold special meaning for the supporters. The fact that we got to watch these two teams compete against one another in a big final was legendary since these two teams have a long history of bitter rivalry and tough struggle. Fortunately, it did not let down as it came to a thrilling conclusion when Dhoni bowled the final over to Joginder Sharma.

Because Misbah, at the time Pakistan’s top player, was on strike, no one could have predicted that India would succeed. So it surprised everyone when he missed the chance to strike a six, giving India another memorable period in its history.

As this game was against our lovely rivalry, Pakistan and we didn’t lose a single World Cup match against them. India won the match by defending it. Because of his presence of mind and intelligence, Dhoni made this feasible by giving the final over to Joginder Sharma to bowl, and thanks to the players who made this amazing victory possible.

Australian Adelaide Test in 2003

Australia had one of the best teams at the time, therefore even though this match wasn’t the World Cup championship, it doesn’t matter. They also fielded their finest players for their match against India, and everyone anticipated a comfortable victory. India won with 28 overs remaining, so that’s good.

This team gave Australia a fight they probably never anticipated from India under Ganguly. India responded with Dravid and Laxman again troubling the Australians in response to Australia’s 556. Laxman scored 148 while Dravid added another superb double-century to help India reach 523 as the game appeared to be headed for a draw.

The only 5-wicket haul in Test cricket by Ajit Agarkar occurred at an unanticipated moment. The match suddenly sprang to life as he went through both the top and bottom order, scalping 6. After some difficulties, India chased down the mark after Australia crumpled for 196, with that man Dravid again taking the lead and scoring a brilliant half-century.

India vs Australia, in Kolkata 2001

One of the greatest wins ever to be recorded in cricket is widely acknowledged. After Australia requested that India go on, the Indian team was staring at defeat.

When they played valiantly to lead the team to 657/7, two young players named VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid instantly rose to fame. The Kangaroos’ most humiliating loss, ending their 16-match winning streak, was caused by Harbhajan Singh’s six-wicket haul, which included a hat-trick.

The game motivated the participants to achieve bigger exploits in the years to come in addition to giving them a sense of self-belief.

2011 World Cup Final Game

Another World Cup final that will always hold a special place in fans’ hearts is this one. Tendulkar played in the competition for the final time at the 2011 World Cup held in the subcontinent. The event’s record-holder for runs scored put an exclamation point on his career by capturing the coveted Cup in front of his supporters in Wankhede.

India played against the Sri Lankan team that was in good form throughout the match. It had been 28 years since India had last won the World Cup, thus their victory was emotional for both the players and the supporters. Gambhir hit 97 runs in this game, which was his highest total, and Dhoni added 91 runs in 79 deliveries. India was motivated to put on a show and end their drought, making it one of the most spectacular World Cup finals in history.

Dhoni bows out in style. A spectacular strike into the crowd. India wins the World Cup for the first time in 28 years, and the celebrations begin in the locker room.


The significance of his victory means that even if there are other noteworthy mentions in Indian cricket history, these are the ones that stand out. There will undoubtedly be more memorable moments because the team is still performing well now.

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