5 Safety Tips to Make a Water Activity a Pleasant Experience for Your Pup

Some pups like sneaking into the water, while others can get scared at the very sight of it. If your fur baby loves testing the pool waters with its paws while walking by, diving into the pool, wading along with you, or coolly resting on a dog pool float while basking in the sun, then make sure you provide it with such opportunities.

You can arrange fun water activities in the comfort of your home or take your pet out to experience adventurous water sports. Certain risks are associated with water, and the number of risks and intensity only increases with outdoor sporting events. This is one reason why you should consider being prepared with the best pet insurance.

Dog insurance covers a fur baby’s testing, treatment, and medication costs during accidents, injuries, specific illnesses, dental, emergencies, and much more. Contemplate purchasing a policy; however, read this article for a few safety tips when letting your pet engage in water activities.

To make participating in a water activity a memorable experience for your canine fur baby, follow the tips below.

1. Buy a life vest

Your four-legged companion requires as much protection as you need while heading out for a swim or participating in paddle sports. Investing in a durable and well-strapped dog vest helps your dog stay afloat while in water. It can be a great blessing when your fur baby is too tired to swim and wants to relax. The ones with handles let you pull your pet when it falls out of the boat or is unable to get out of the water. So, look at the product features before buying one.

2. Take it slow

Coaching your fur baby about water should also be a well-planned process like any other training. Take baby steps, and start training with water sprinklers, so your puppy gets used to the feel of soaking in water. Then move on to shallow watered pools to check how your dog feels spending time in them. Don’t go hard on exposures because you wouldn’t want anybody to get hurt, do you?

3. Access to fresh water

When you plan to play in the sea (salt water) or chemically treated pool waters with your pup, ensure access to fresh water nearby. Playing exhaustively can raise your pet’s thirst levels, and you don’t want it to drink potentially unsafe water, so have cool and clean water ready in the bowls for your furry friend to drink after playtime. Bathing is a must to prevent allergies, infections, and other health problems.

4. Don’t force your dog

Not all dogs have a liking for water. If your pupper isn’t cooperating, don’t force it to. Also, you need to be extra careful when dealing with short-nosed pets and dogs with a shortened muzzle like Chihuahuas and Shih Tzu because water entering through nostrils or mouths can cause Pneumonia.

5. Teach how to exit

Suppose both of you are playing in a pool, and your canine friend is tired and wants to get out but needs to be shown the way to exit the pool. You must teach this beforehand, so your pet suffers minimally when worn out.

Dogs are social animals; they love to learn new things and more with their best humans. While you pay attention to having a great time in the water, don’t forget to be prepared for the adverse with the help of dog insurance. Consider buying the best pet insurance so your fur baby is comprehensively covered and you have to deal with minimal financial burden during unplanned vet visits, sickness, and emergencies.

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