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5 Skin Damaging Habits to Avoid

We are concerned about our skin health. There is no exception to this!

Whether it’s about the weather conditions or the choice of makeup products we care about everything that is affecting our skin health. To no surprise, alongside all other things, many of our daily life habits can take a toll on our skin health.

Importance of Habits towards Skin Health

Just look at the routine and try to figure out if you are doing anything inappropriately. I know you can point out many of these habits and can point out what you aren’t doing right. We know but we continue those practices that are damaging our skin health.

I remember a friend developed a severe allergy to her skin damaging. Upon visiting a dermatologist at Hameed Latif Hospital in Lahore, it was revealed that her skin damaging allergy was due to a fragrance she had recently switched to. So, either knowingly or unknowingly we commit mistakes that can damage our skin.

Common Skin Damaging Habits

Here are some common skin-damaging mistakes you should be considering.

1- Smoking

Smoking is bad for you and we have grown up hearing about this. Not only smoking damages your lungs health but is quite bad for your skin as well. Smoking increases your skin damaging and lets your skin age faster. If you don’t quit smoking, you are more likely to experience wrinkles and your skin tone will be blotchy.

2- Not changing your skincare routine with weather changes

Weather changes can be damaging to your skin damaging and to accommodate these changes we are supposed to make changes to our skincare routines. Skipping those changes can cause damage to your skin.

If you don’t change your moisturizer according to weather changes or don’t even alter your products you will end up skin damaging. The only way to avoid this damage is to consider weather conditions and mending skincare routine.

3- Choosing the wrong products

Women wear makeup and they are fond of wearing it. It is normally perceived as applying makeup can worsen your skin but that’s not the skin if done right. Not makeup but makeup you choose for yourself can create all the difference.

Many makeup products contain several ingredients designed for specific skin types. If you are using the wrong makeup product that contains chemicals, not for your skin-damaging, you end up damaging your skin. Other than that, makeup products that are relatively cheap cost you a lot in the long run by damaging your skin.

4- Skipping sunscreen

Sunscreen application is an essential part of our daily skincare routines. It protects our skin from UV damage and ensures good skin health. One common mistake that can be skin-damaging is either skipping sunscreen or the wrong application of sunscreen.

People think that they don’t need sunscreen if there is no sun on cloudy days. However, be mindful that no matter what the intensity of sunlight is, there is always a need for sunscreen application to protect against sunlight damage.

5- Believing non-professional advice

Everyone has got to say a word on skin. If you’re suffering from a skin problem you will see people giving all kinds of pieces of advice. From home remedies to the medicated products suggestion, you will hear everything from anyone. Believing in those pieces of advice and even following them can be one of the biggest mistakes that can be damaging to your skin.

Let me tell you about a similar incident. My friend got mild acne on her face and someone told her to apply fuller earth on her face daily. She considered the advice and developed dry skin patches. Upon visiting a dermatologist at Bajwa Hospital, she was told that she developed dermatitis. That’s how believing advice from all and sundry can damage your skin.

Bottom Line!

 There are many things that you can do for your skin health. From eating nutritious food to visiting your dermatologist it takes multiple things. A part of better skin health comes from avoiding skin-damaging habits that you can ensure. Thus, it is important to consider your habits from your bedding to the skincare after a workout, consider everything and see how it’s changing your skin.

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