7 Interior Designs That Will Trend In 2022

As a year comes to an end and a new year is round the corner or has come, everyone talks about what will be in trend and what will be out of fashion. It happens in each industry. And interior designing is not an exception to it. Industry professionals and people willing to buy/construct/renovate homes are eager to know the interior designer in Greater Noida that will rock the world in 2022. To help you in this regard, some interior designs are as follows:

  1. Nature inspired objects and surfaces 

Climate change and global warming are the things that have made people think of nature and work to preserve it. With each passing day, month or year, people make each possible effort to be close to nature. And interior designing is also getting inspiration from it. While designing the interiors of your home, you can place nature inspired objects and think of having natural surfaces. And for having natural surfaces, you can think of laying marbles and stones in your home floors. You can paint your home walls with earthy colours. 

  1. Curved and sculptural furniture

Furniture plays a greater role in the interiors of your home. The shapes, colours, and sizes of your furniture pieces matter a lot for your home look. A curved sofa set makes you feel comfortable while sitting in and gives you a welcoming and friendly appeal. Some of you love to have furniture pieces with curved edges, sensual shapes, and luxury looks. The furniture items with a cultural and sculptural tone will also trend, as people have a sense to return to their tradition. 

  1. Bold colours and patterns 

Like other industries such as garments, people’s senses or preferences change from time to time. Many industry professionals think that the use of bold colours and patterns will be higher in comparison with last year. People in a large number would love to coat their homes with bold green to bring outside inside. It is, as the colour green represents nature.     

  1. 3D Art 

It has been in trend for a few years. However, many experts are optimistic and think that it would prevail throughout the year, 2022. It would be in trend, as people have a strong desire to bring life, intrigue, and whimsy in their homes. And in this regard, the use of wallpapers and printed plates and allied items with 3D print would go beyond expectation. 

  1. White shades 

You differ from others in many senses. And hence, some of you might consider to white everything in your abode. From walls, floors, and ceilings to furniture, cupboards and fabrics, you want to have everything white. For a distinguished look, you can apply the different shades of the paint of white colour. Experienced interior designers in Greater Noida can help you white everything in a better way.  

  1. Dual purpose rooms

People face a lack of space. It is, as everything on earth is growing, but the earth size is not expanding with time. So, the trend of making a room for multipurpose has been in trend for a few years and it will keep trending in 2022. And people across the world are using their home space as their office due to work from home culture. There is nothing to change in this regard too. So, people like you love to have dual purpose rooms in their homes. 

  1. Smart homes 

Technological advancements have influenced people a lot in their normal to professional life. They have helped the people work on nature protection, safety & security improvement, and energy saving. Smartphones, sensors, and remote controls in home/office interior designs will be in high demand in the year 2022. You can move to have sensor lights in your rooms and remote-controlled locks at doors and the main entrance.             


Predicting interior design trends in 2022 is a little tricky. Sometimes, industry experts’ predictions don’t come true. However, you can expect the above-mentioned designs to be in fashion. As far as your interior designing for your home is concerned, you can choose any one mentioned above or go beyond the same.      


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