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Alternatives to Twitch if You're Trying to Monetize

When you think of gaming streaming platforms generally you think of one of two possibilities: Twitch or YouTube or Facebook aren’t? Twitch is amazing and if you’re hoping to make it your primary focus check out my fantastic guide on how to become a Twitch Affiliate in only one month! However, for those who think that Twitch isn’t worth the hype or overcrowded, it’s possible to locate alternative streaming services. I did some study to discover the most efficient Twitch alternatives to use to play games!

Alternatives to Twitch if You’re Trying to Monetize

It’s not a secret that lots of gamers stream on twitch tv activate in order to convert our love for online games into an actual job. There are many options of earn money from Twitch however, it is not the only platform that offer alternatives too. The first category of Twitch alternatives are those that provide the possibility of earning money.

1. Facebook Gaming

Facebook gaming has grown to be Twitch’s biggest rival as it has teamed up together with Mixer. The problem in Facebook games is that it takes an immense amount of time to reach the point where you can make money. You’ll require 10000 followers in order to start earning money on Facebook. This is a huge amount.

Since I’m honest,, I’ve never tried streaming via Facebook. Perhaps people are more likely to share their enthusiasm for the pages on Facebook rather than Twitch. But I’d prefer to have 50 followers via Twitch before I begin earning money, rather than pounding at the 10,000 Facebook users. This seems to be a daunting task.

2. Youtube

The second largest rival in the battle against Twitch can be found on Youtube. Live streaming is available directly to Youtube using the same software that you employ to stream onto Twitch. You can live stream across all three platforms simultaneously with Streamlabs expert! (Though it isn’t feasible for those who are Twitch affiliate, as it is against the terms of the service).

Youtube does not perform as impressive as Twitch however it’s also not as well-known in the gaming world. The discovery capabilities are as good (or bad according to the way you look at it) and the competition is just equally intense.

The downside of YouTube is similar to the disadvantages associated with Facebook gaming. It takes a considerable amount of period of time before you even start to earn money. Twitch has the lowest barriers to entry in this area this is the reason it’s my first option.

3. was one of the most effective ways to earn cash outside of Switch However , the business was shut down in November of 2020.

4. is relatively recent to the online streaming market. They boast that they’ve found ways to decrease delays to make communicating with your fans a lot more easily.

A different thing that I enjoy about is its fact that it gives you the option in hosting your own TV show that is based on Fox Sports and ESPN features. I’m not sure what the procedure is or what games qualify however it’s an interesting idea. Do you think you could be able to host your own show on the team that you like? It’s unlikely that anyone else than your close acquaintances would be watching , but it might be fun!

One thing I love with Caffeine is the options for monetization they provide. They do not offer advertising subscriptions or sharing, therefore I haven’t found any feature that integrates the affiliate market. Instead, you earn revenue by requesting viewers to purchase digital items for streaming. There are no partnerships required to make money from your streaming.


Trovo is fairly new, however I can consider it to be a significant competitor for Twitch. It’s adhering to Twitch’s guidelines for the business plan, including the possibility of registering your preferred channel with similar costs to Twitch’s subscription.

If you’re trying to join the latest and fastest-growing stream, is probably the most suitable place for you. It’s up to the individual user whether it’s going to grow into the main stream competitor of Twitch, or fade away, as Mixer did.

A Word About Mixer

Mixer was integrated into Facebook gaming, meaning it’s no longer. But I needed to bring it up because this was the largest and most well-known option for Twitch for time. Facebook games are now the mainstay of gaming.

6. YouNow

YouNow can be described as an entirely free live streaming service launched on November 11, in 2011 by Adi Sideman. Broadcasters include gamers, musicians and those from communities with marginalized populations who are trying to establish connections. What’s interesting is that YouNow is focused on earning money from the community and not on platforms like Twitch are ad-supported. This implies that you’ll earn more money from fewer numbers of users on YouNow.

7. Instagib/ Vaughn Live

Instagib was Vaughn Live’s gaming platform. However, it wasn’t as successful exactly as Vaughn wanted that it would, and the gaming component of live streaming has been incorporated to is an online platform that allows you to live stream almost every aspect. You can stream news, games and music, along with innovative and numerous streams you can choose from. There’s no method to earn money through your streaming on People who make use of the platform use it because they’re enthusiastic about their work and want to create networks around their passion. Some smart people might find ways to promote affiliates through their channels.

8. GosuGamer

But I’m unable to think of an opportunity to earn money from the GosuGamer accounts by advertising and subscribers. Like other platforms, it’s possible to earn cash taking part in competitions.

Gosugamer is the largest and most viewed online platform for playing E-sports. It offers a variety of tournaments and competitions that could earn you money by winning. But, you have to be proficient in the game to make any money from it. But, if you’re looking to play E-sports or other games of battle, this is an option worth exploring.

9. Mirrativ

Mirrativ is awe-inspiring in the sense that it allows you to stream games on mobile phones directly from the smartphone. It doesn’t require costly equipment! It’s a fantastic way to connect 1and1 webmail with other players who are playing the same mobile games you enjoy. But I haven’t found any information on monetization.

Gaming Platforms to Skip


I have included Afreeca on my column that I skip as the majority of my viewers are from America. US. Most streamers on Afreeca are on the continent of Asia. If you’re in Asia or have an Asian language, it’s definitely worth a second look. It’s among the top streaming services in South Korea.

Bigo live

Bigo Live is advertised as live streaming service for all, but it’s mostly cam girls. There is some gaming elements, however, the majority of participants are actually that correctly, gamers from the cam scene. This is the impression I got when I looked at these thumbnails. Hard pass.

Constantly Changing Landscape

A major challenges with live streaming websites used for games is the fact that they’re a very fiercely competitive marketplace. That means that the latest Twitch alternatives are always appearing in the market, while older businesses are regularly closed or purchased out.

Contact me if this list is outdated! I discovered that Smashcast was gone due to the efforts of an amazing commenter.

Who is Twitch’s Competitor?

The biggest rival to Twitch is now Facebook streaming. Mixer was in the top spot, but were sacked after spending an enormous amount of money to lure top streamers onto Mixer’s streamer platform. In the end, the majority users didn’t choose to follow the most popular streams on Mixer.

Facebook doesn’t intend not to sign up any of the major player with exclusive contracts. It’s like they’ve learned from Mixer’s mistake. The new merger isn’t even one year old yet, and it’s still anyone’s guess on whether Facebook will be able to figure out how to draw a chunk of Twitch’s followers.

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