A Guide to Cherry Picking Season

December and January are considered peak months for cherry-picking jobs in Australia. The cherry-picking season usually lasts around 100 days. Cherries are best when eaten fresh and getting cherries from a grocery store can be disappointing as the cherries there are stocked up for weeks and sometimes months. They are often not fresh and do not taste the same as the cherries picked right off the trees. We have gathered some of the important tips for you to follow as a guide to the cherry-picking season.

Cherry Types

Cherries can be sour and sweet. Sour cherries are tart in taste. These are mostly used in making pie tarts, jams, jellies, butter, and preserves. People add sugar to sweeten their tart taste. Sweet cherries are sweeter and can be eaten fresh. You do not have to add extra sugar to them if you decide to use them in any of your recipes.

Tips to Pick Cherries  

Pick Full-Sized Cherries: 

Cherries like most other fruits keep on increasing their size until they are fully ripe. You should pick ripe cherries when they are maximum in size and full-flavored.

Do Not Pick Before Time:

Cherries will not taste the same as a fully ripe one when picked before time. Do not pick cherries that are not mature yet and wait for them to ripen.

Do Not Prolong Your Cherry Picking Plans:

Cherries mostly get discolored, mushy, and soft when they are not picked on time. You have to be very careful about the timing. Do not let the cherries overripe.

Always Pick Dark Cherries:

Dark cherries are the sweetest. If you prefer sweeter cherries, pick them when they have darkened in color. However, if you prefer sour cherries and your taste buds are more inclined towards tart taste, pick cherries when they are light red and less ripe.

Know the Difference:

Sweet cherries usually do not separate from the stem. They get firm when mature and are attached to the stem. Meanwhile, sour cherries very easily separate from the stem.

Leave the Stem On:

If you want your cherries to be long-lasting, do not remove the stem. This way, cherries remain fresh and last longer. 

Keeping in mind the above tips, when you visit to pick cherries, gently hold them with your fingers and tug until they come off. Ripe cherries will come off instantly with the steam attached. Do not throw the cherries into a container rather place them carefully. Do not overfill containers that will cause the lid to push down the cherries. Sunshine can also cause the cherries to go bad, that is why it is best to place them under the shade of a tree or in your car’s trunk. Refrigerate them after you get home, they will last two to three days.

Fruit picking can be very rewarding, working out in the orchard with your mates enjoying the sunshine, and earning money. Fruit picking involves collecting the fruit from the trees, this can be apples, pears, plums, nectarines and more. If you want more information about Fruit Picking Jobs visit our website!

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