A Trip To Thiruvananthapuram Zoo With Family

As a child, visiting the zoo was one of my favourite day outings. And now, as a mother, I love taking my little ones to the zoo often. I prefer to rent a car in Trivandrum with a driver for the trip so we can carry the essentials along for the kids.

Location and ticket cost

Trivandrum Zoo is the oldest zoo in the country, situated in the heart of Kerala. Spread across an area of 55 acres of lakes, lawns, and woodland, it is one of the top tourist destinations in Trivandrum and holds an impressive animal collection.

You won’t have to put a dent in your wallet if you visit the Trivandrum Zoo because the entry charge is only INR 10 per person. The fee for children between the ages of five and twelve is only INR 5, and the zoo offers many group discounts as well.

Our experience at the zoo

A day trip to this zoo is undoubtedly an enriching and fun experience for the kids and adults alike. Due to the fondness my little ones have expressed over the different animals at the zoo, my husband and I make sure to plan monthly visits.

From spending hours gaping at the tigers to looking through the monkeys’ cages, strolling through the snake park, and snacking under the trees, my family always had a fun time at the Trivandrum Zoo. Besides the fun bit, I feel a trip to the zoo helps me as a mother to teach them about the different animal species.

My kids always make a bee-line to the butterfly garden and aquarium as it is very exciting and engaging to see the lovely butterflies and fish swimming around. I ensure they each remember the name of one species every time for a fun learning experience.

My seven year old son Yuvraj has always been fascinated with mammals, and we often find him in a stupor around lions and monkeys! My husband and Yuvraj usually like to goofily imitate the monkeys as though in conversation with them, and it makes my daughter Mahi laugh hard every time!

Other ways to explore fun at the zoo

After looking at the animals, we strolled around admiring the animal statues in the zoo; my children have had names for these concrete animals for years. The zoo is also very child-friendly, with plenty of picnic spots and benches, which we used when snacking on our jam and choco spread sandwiches.

I still insist on heading to the canteen for vada and a chai since it is one of our rituals. Even though there aren’t many meal items available on the menu, we all enjoy the food there thoroughly.

Leaving at the end of our visits is very hard, especially for the children, but we coax them with promises to visit Ovenly, or Zam Zam Bun Cafe, some among our favourite cafes near the zoo.

If you happen to visit Trivandrum Zoo with your family, there are other attractions nearby such as Kovalam Beach, Poovar Island, Napier Museum, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, and more. These places are great to visit, especially if you plan on visiting multiple places in just a day.

A lovely family experience

Exploring the famous Trivandrum Zoo is indeed a fun and informative experience for families. So the next time you visit Trivandrum, spare some time, book a cab through a car booking app and explore the largest zoo in India.

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