Best Apps for Cattle Record: Keeping Track of Your Livestock

There are many factors to consider when keeping cattle. Best apps for cattle record is the best way to keep track of your livestock, feeding schedules, medications and more. These apps allows you to customize information that is important and you can check them easily on your phone.!

You’ll never be able to manage your cattle without the right tools. Analytics and data always required for smart management of this important asset. But finding a good tool can take some time. Luckily there is an easier way – if you have access on mobile device such as smartphones or tablets.

You will need records so they don’t get lost in translation when buying new bulls. However, with these cattle management software or apps available at hand anytime anywhere convenience sets them apart from any other type out there:

Best Apps for Cattle Record Keeping


Farmbrite is an agricultural software system that helps you manage your farm more efficiently and profitably. With FarmBrite’s powerful features, like record keeping for better resource management; production tracking to measure output per animal or machine on the property; identifying patterns in data sets so they can use by farmers seeking out new sources of information about their operation – it will become increasingly difficult not only keep up with everyday tasks but also stay profitable!


Ranchr is a cow management software that allows you to keep track of your livestock without the need for pen and paper. You can access an online dashboard from anywhere, even on mobile devices!

Consider keeping detailed records of each animal’s identity history along with its Pedigree/ancestry as well as treatments they’ve received- this will make ranching easier in future years when it comes time for selling or registering them officially at various agencies such be USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

In addition, there are basic accounting tools included within Ranchr like costs per day tracking profit margins which help owners understand how much money was made off their cows over certain periods based upon feed prices etc.

365 Cattle

Keep your cattle and farm in check with the help of these applications. Track each animal’s treatment history, any other relevant information about them like their genetic data or fertility rates for breeding purposes. All from one easy-to-use program!

You can even use it offline once internet access connect to 365 Cattle on PC together with 365 Farm Network.


Herdbase is a dairy farm management tool that may help you improve the efficiency of your herd and make money.

Using Herdbase’s cloud-based, offline capabilities to solve problems quickly can increase productivity on farms across North America – even while working in field! For increased pregnancy recording with remote access at any time; checking breeding or calving status without leaving current location by simply tapping into data stored locally.

Now this has never been easier than it was just last year when using old school paper charts & notebooks as methods for tracking these important things before smartphones became so popular among farmers everywhere (I know right?).

4-H Livestock Record

The 4-H Livestock Record app is a must for any future livestock project animal owner. This software will make organizing your animals easy and keep you up to date with their weight. Feed intake as well health updates!

It’s also possible download the free version onto iPhones or iPads which works great. If all members in one family don’t have access to data processing devices like smartphones but still want an organized record book at hand when needed most.


With these new and innovative apps, farmers will be able to manage their livestock in a more efficient manner. The time saved from this process can go towards other things such as making revenue or farming work that is necessary for the business’s survival!

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