The 5 Best Hunting Knives Of 2021

Hunting knives: review and comparison of the best models


To choose your hunting knife, you need to look at various parameters. In particular, beyond aesthetics, it is necessary to assess the robustness of both its blade and its handle. Its length should also attract your attention, for the greater convenience of transport and handling. If you don’t have time to browse through our buying guide featuring several models, here are 2 hunting knife selections for you to take a closer look at.

The Damascus Hunting Knives is a knife that will seduce you with its many advantages and in particular the fact that it comes with a beautiful multi-position sheath. This means you can take it anywhere you want without having any difficulty carrying it.  As an alternative, you can opt for the Laguiole B008VOI8PQ, which is almost as reliable. Holds very well in the hand (with a total length of 19 cm), its blade is stainless and is therefore suitable for all uses.

Buying guide – How to choose a good hunting knife?


A hunting knife should allow you to skin game, but also to perform other tasks. If you are just starting out, be sure to read the tips for buying a good hunting knife that we offer on this price comparison. Blade material, material and type are the three criteria to consider when purchasing.




The material of the blade

How to buy a hunting knife with better value for money? Before delving into this question, let’s first focus on the different materials of a hunting knife blade.

The choice of steel is not trivial, because this part of the knife directly affects the quality of the cut as well as the maintenance. Season hunters have a preference for carbon steel which is easier to sharpen than modern steel. This characteristic makes carbon steel the ideal material for hunting knives, however, it tends to rust more quickly. After each use, the carbon steel hunting knife must meticulously maintain.

The hunting knife with titanium blade is the latest fashion for hunters. Titanium is popular because it is softer than steel and can also coat with other materials in order to maintain its sharpness.

As unlikely as it may sound, there are also hunting knives with ceramic blades that are perfectly sharp and never rust. However, these knives are very vulnerable to breakage. The stainless steel hunting knife is sturdy and has good rust resistance. However, it is not as sharp as other steels.


Handle materials

The comfort of use will depend on the material of the handle. In fact, the user has the choice between a natural material or a modern material, knowing of course that each has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking for resistance and comfort above all, you should prefer the handle made with G10. This laminate fiberglass material impresses with its lightness and strength. In the same category, you have carbon fiber.

To stay natural, you can opt for hunting knives with quality wooden handles. This material is easy to maintain and stands up well to heavy use and humidity. Alternatively, you can choose a knife with a handle carve from deer antler, bone, or abalone shell. Materials of animal origin are designer and have the advantage of aging well. Combined with leather straps, the deer handle enhances the tribal spirit of the knife.

In case none of these materials are right for you, our buying guide for the best hunting knives advises you to go with the aluminum handle.



The type of knife

If your hunt calls for gutting, gutting or skinning game, it is best to go with a fix knife. This is because folding knives get dirty quickly and are more difficult to sharpen and clean. After reading this guide, all you have to do is find where to buy a new hunting knife that can accompany you on your adventures in the great outdoors.


The 5 best-hunting knives (reviews & tests) of 2021


Whether you are a hunting enthusiast or simply want a survival knife, we invite you to follow this comparison so that you can identify the characteristics of the hunting knife that suits your needs. Indeed, knowing which is the best hunting knife on the market will guarantee that you have put your budget in an accessory that has been worth it.



1. Hunting Knife Rose Wood 8.2” Hunting custom Fix Blade karambit Damascus steel Knife

Main advantage

This accessory is adore for the elegance of its case. For a wilderness survival kit, it is rare to find such a pretty design, because it is not always the first point observe. However, the greatest lovers of hiking attach great importance to this type of detail.


Hand drawback

The set is quite heavy and the case is rigid to handle. Indeed, the knife weighs 350 grams by itself. Then, the case, in addition to being hard, is very just the size of the knife and the sharpening stone.


Verdict: 9.7 / 10

Despite its fairly heavy weight and the rigidity of the case, this is essential to give the tool strength, robustness and above all a beautiful aesthetic.

Main Features Explain



The product is handmade in the Spanish tradition. It is a beautifully designed knife. The whole thing is really elegant and proves robustness. The blade is very strong and sharp. It has been laser cut and then polished by hand.

This knife is specifically designed to be used in harsh outdoor conditions and environments. The whole thing is very sturdy and not afraid of water. In addition, the end of the neck is very useful for tapping, for example for opening coconuts. It is not a folding knife. This makes it more stable and powerful. Due to the thickness of the blade, this tool is designed for long-term use.



The CDS-Survival knife was design for outdoor and survival activities, such as camping, fishing, hunting and hiking. It is a tool for use in nature, to be able to cut wood, carve, cut branches and cook. The sharpening stone and firesteel lighter are include with the product.

For example, you can use these hunting knives to kill animals and cut their meats while camping or if you are on a mission in the military. It is also possible to use them to dig holes, drill trees or to make constructions.


High-quality materials

The hunting knife must have many properties which should be observe. This model has a strong, durable and well-sharpen steel blade with a suitable length. With a thickness of 5 millimeters, it is very rigid and sharp. In addition, it is made of stainless steel which is Molybdenum-Vanadium 58.

Its solid handle is made from Cocobolo or Micarta wood. This material has the particularity of being reddish brown and having more purplish veins. As for its high quality leather carrying case, it is multi-position. It can be place horizontally or vertically on the belt thanks to a loop. It also has a thigh cord.


2. Laguiole hunting knife wooden handle 19cm deploy


We consider the Laguiole B008VOI8PQ to be the Laguiole hunting knife that has a uniquely craft design as well as very good quality that the brand cares about and which is seen through most of the brand knife models. A well-finish finish, especially thanks to its handle which is made of wood decorate with a metal bolster that you will not find on any other knife of the same brand or elsewhere.

But in addition to its design, this knife also has the merit of being entirely practical. Indeed, its blade is quite sharp and which will allow you to be able to easily cut food. But the lightness is also at the rendezvous with this model of knife, thanks to that and to the ergonomics of its wooden handle gives you a good grip of the knife itself.

A safety catch is also present on the top to offer more safety to the users of the knife to avoid possible accidents during its use. This notch will prevent you and the knife from deploying without you having to touch it. Especially since it comes with a wooden box in which you can place it when you have finish using it. So if you are wondering how to choose the best hunting knives of 2021, consider this model from the Laguiole brand.

As soon as you have carried out a test with the Laguiole B008VOI8PQ, you will immediately be fix on its performance. The design is also present in addition to its safety mechanism. These criteria combine will allow you to identify the best brand of hunting knives in the business.


For the

Special look: If you were to compare it with other equipment from the brand and on the market, you will not find a similar aesthetic. The handle design has its own unique style.

Efficiency of the blade: The sharp edge is able to take out any element without you having to put in much effort.

Stopper: A practical safety system has been put in place by the manufacturer to prevent inadvertent injury. It also gives you the option of deploying it without touching the sharp side.


The cons

Not suitable for the dishwasher: For cleaning, rinsing and wiping with a cloth will do.

3. Perkin Knives Handcraft hunting knife in 440 C steel


With a very successful stainless steel finish, this hunting knife is the perfect tool to live your passion in all serenity. Supplied in a quality leather scabbard, this model is distinguish by its unique design. In addition to its clean look, it is durable with a Rockwell 58-59 HRC. It is a knife that is also characterize by a reasonable service life. People who buy it will therefore be able to enjoy it for a long time for your hunting moments.

The durability of this hunting knife is reinforce thanks to its 440 C steel design. In addition, it has an excellent edge to achieve your various cuts with the greatest precision. This holster model also has a walnut wood handle. Which makes it a very authentic object. It is easily transport with a low weight. So you can take it everywhere with you. Safety is an aspect that has not been neglect during the manufacture of this hunting knife. It is equip with a tongue which guarantees its anti-fall protection in the event of a wearing on the belt.


For the

A nice looking knife: With its stainless steel blade and personalize leather sheath, this hunter’s knife is beautiful. The fact that it is customizable is also very convenient for its users.

Blade: In 440 C stainless steel, this hunting knife stands out for its very lightness for ease of use. Plus, it always stays sharp for immediate use.

Low weight and excellent quality of the sheath: This knife appeals to its users with its low weight and the quality of its high-end leather sheath. Characteristics that make it a product capable of meeting the expectations of the hunters who use it.


The cons

Slightly Disappointing Finishes: This Perkins brand knife disappoints in terms of finish with poor polishing originally and a scuff at the tip, albeit small.

4.RKS Diffusion United Cutlery Camping Hunting Knife


This RKS Diffusion hunting knife has many advantages and will meet all expectations as a hunter. Perfectly functional, this model stands out for its robustness guaranteeing use in extreme conditions. With a weight of 430 grams, a blade length of 30 cm for a total length of 42 cm, it is a practical product. As proof, the included nylon pouch can be simply hung on the user’s belt.

Thanks to the reinforced ABS handle, this hunting knife is characterized by its durability. To its own surprise, the brand offers this model with a well thought-out blade design. It is made of AUS-6 stainless steel and is always sharp for optimal cutting.

If you are thinking of investing in a product that is the perfect combination of elegance and performance, you will be drawn to this beautiful knife. Every aspect of this hunting set has been carefully designed by the manufacturer to create an absolutely superior, efficient and practical end product.


For the

Robustness: This hunting knife is a very robust tool that you can use over a reasonable period of time. Thanks to its strength, this model can perfectly withstand drops during use.

A functional and practical product: This model of hunter’s knife offer by United Cutlery is irreproachable in terms of functionality and practicality. It comes with a nylon sheath that you can hang on your belt very well.

Finishes well done: Whether at the level of its blade or other parts, the finishes of this hunting knife are well thought out. With such qualities, this product is impressive both in terms of design and efficiency.


The cons

Fairly short blade: Even with a hunter’s knife with rare flaws, we would have like to see a model with a longer blade for greater efficiency.

5.SR Dragon Ball Folding Pocket Knife


The S.RR SR218B is a folding hunting knife suitable for all types of applications such as hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.. It is primarily a knife that will help you in various tasks, especially those that require the use of a very sharp knife. It is primarily a knife that will help you in various tasks, especially those that require the use of a very sharp knife. In fact, it is a knife for professional use, whether you are a sculptor or a fisherman, a handyman or a camper.

The knife is made of 440C stainless steel, a steel known for its high chromium content and used especially for knives. This construction gives it a Rockwell hardness of 57-59 HRC, so you can be sure that this knife will glide well and meet your needs.

Moreover, if you are looking for a good hunting knife at a good price, this knife will be your best ally since it is the most affordable knife on the list. It also has one of the most modern designs among hunting knives.

This comparison also gives you the opportunity to find where to buy the best hunting knife of the moment. And if you look at the description of this prototype, you can quickly answer this question.


For the

Foldable: With this model, you can retract the blade between two uses. You thus reduce its dimensions to facilitate its transport, but you also reduce the risk of accidental cuts.

Versatile: This equipment can come in handy in many situations and its use is not limit to hunting. It can be your go-to gear during your sculpting, fishing, DIY, camping and more activities.


The cons

Regular sharpening: The blade loses efficiency over time. It will then have to be sharpen frequently.

How to use a hunting knife?


A hunting knife is not only use for skinning game. It can also be use as a survival knife. To avoid hurting yourself with it, it is recommend to handle it properly. If you are not sure how to go about it, here is a guide to help you use it.



Choose the right knife

Before using your hunting knife, you must pay particular attention to the type of its blade. Between the carbon steel, titanium, ceramic and stainless steel blades, you should use the one that is both sharp and easy to maintain. In this perspective, carbon steel and stainless steel are good alternatives. Also, it is advisable to choose models with strong and light handles. They are easier to learn.


Avoid grabbing your hunting knife by its blade

To avoid hurting yourself, you must hold your hunting knife properly. To do this, take it only at the level of its handle. If you grab it by its blade, you risk cutting your hand. Also, be sure to hold it firmly to prevent it from slipping through your fingers.


Always stay vigilant

It is recommend to keep your hunting knife away from children and pets. They will be able to play it and get injure with it. So, you should store it well when not in use.


Always put your hunting knife in its case during transport

It is important to put your knife in its case during your various trips. This precaution is necessary, as you may fall and receive your own stabbing yourself. It is therefore preferable to choose a model with a hard cover for more protection.


Get as close as possible to your target before using your hunting knife

To better reach your target, it is recommend to get as close as possible. Otherwise, you risk missing it. Also, if you are good at shooting, you can throw your hunting knife at your game. Make sure you love it well before throwing it.



Sharpen your hunting knife well

To maintain the performance of your hunting knife, it is recommend to sharpen it from time to time. There are several ways to do this. If you are using a whetstone, be sure to sharpen your equipment at an angle of 10 ° and 30 °. Refer to your manufacturer’s instructions. You can also take a sharpening guide to simplify your task. For a sharpening gun, all you have to do is pass both sides of your edge through it. The use of grindstones and electric stones is also a good alternative to have a sharp knife. In this case, you only have to do it every 6 months.

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