Buying Instagram Followers: What NOT to Do

Growing organically on Instagram is your only way to buy Instagram followers. Any other method of buying Instagram followers

Growing organically on Instagram is your only way to buy Instagram followers. Any other method of buying Instagram followers go not permitted under the terms of service of Instagram and could not only land you in trouble with Instagram however, but could be detrimental to the long-term well-being of your account.


Let’s examine the other two options as well as the risk associated with them.


Bulk Follower Packages

The first thing that happened was to purchase Instagram users in large packages. When Instagram first gained popularity the majority of people believed that the measure of its success was the number of followers. It was the case earlier, but people realized that the majority of users bought followers to appear attractive.


In fact, celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift and Kourtney Kardashian have purchased followers on Instagram!

Instagram discovery

When Instagram discovered that users were purchasing counterfeit Instagram users, the company began to take action against the practice. If you purchased 10k followers on Instagram the followers would disappear, and you’d have no followers.


It’s still happening even though some companies claim that their customers have been deemed “high quality,” you always have the possibility of getting them deleted. This is basically throwing your money away, or seeing it slowly disappear.


They won’t aid you in your efforts to gain a greater reach, and certainly will not purchase any products from you.


Furthermore, If you’re an influencer and a potential partner or sponsor discovers that you’ve got untrue followers, it’s less likely to win the deal. There is a stigma attached to the people who buy Instagram followers, and it could be a huge blow to your brand’s reputation.


Another important indicator is when you purchase Instagram followers and you have very little engagement. For example, let’s imagine that you’ve got 20k Instagram followers, and average about 100 likes for each photo.


As you can see, your image is at risk when you purchase fake followers. You might also have to spend many hours getting rid of the fake followers if you bought them from a firm and the results weren’t the way you wanted them to be. It’s tempting to achieve quick results, but they’re not worthwhile or will provide you with any genuine Instagram growth. Beware of the temptation.


Instagram Bots

Second wave purchasing Instagram followers was made with bots. Third-party companies could use Instagram robots to interact hundreds of thousands of Instagram users on Instagram by way of comments, likes and much other activities.


Instagram quickly spotted the tactic and realized that it was negatively impacting user experience. IG users were being harassed by a myriad of automated DMs as well as posts being flooded with bot-generated comments.

Do not waste your time or money on bots. They will not provide the results you want and may even damage your entire profile.


You are still able to use back-end automation tools such as analytic or post schedulers. Tools for follower growth, but for front-end expansion, avoid automated tools.


Follower Quality Matters

You can clearly see that purchasing fake Instagram followers or making use of Instagram bots. Aren’t viable methods to gain authentic real, active Instagram followers. The best option is to utilize an organic platform. It’s natural and can help you increase the number of followers you have on Instagram.


It is essential to have followers who appreciate your content. Who will leave comments on your posts and post it on their social media or share it with their friends. Real, active Instagram users is your only chance to attain the real-time growth. Or profit potential of the platform.


Final Thoughts: Buy Instagram Followers the Right Way

If you are looking to purchase Instagram followers in the right way, choose an authentic Instagram growth solution such as Followers Bucket and put in the time and energy to your content. The two methods will give you the most effective outcomes. Snd help you get your followers within a matter of minutes.


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