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Cambridge City Taxis come in a variety of sizes. Tiklacars have a larger boot. If you need a taxi to Logan Airport. You have a lot of luggage, you can order one of these. If you do your weekly shopping, a larger boot may also be useful. Other people may need a larger taxi van to get around or to transport a television or a mattress they have just bought. Whatever your needs, there is a Cambridge city taxi to meet them. So choose the taxi that might be your best option. Cambridge taxi has outlined the different types of taxis so you simply know what to order.


A regular Cambridge taxi is the standard taxi. Initially, it can accommodate up to four people, with three of them able to sit comfortably in the back seat and one person in the front passenger seat. However, with the Covid pandemic looming. Passengers can only travel in the back seat of a taxi. Therefore, a normal taxi can only accommodate three passengers. For those needing a taxi to Logan airport, the boot space can accommodate a registered taxi and a handbag. Part of the hand luggage if you want to avoid baggage check-in at the airport.


A taxi SUV is suitable for people who have a few extra items to carry. It can accommodate the same number of people as a daily taxi. However, the larger boot space allows you to carry more groceries or bulk purchases at Costco or Best Buy. The extra boot space can also benefit passengers with luggage, carry-on luggage AND a pram or folding bag. An SUV taxi can even be an honest choice for someone. With a folding wheelchair or walker you can have a taxi in Cambridge MA to run errands. The little extra space in the boot is what makes the SUV taxi different.


A minivan taxi is when there are more passengers. Unlike a conventional taxi, a minivan taxi can regularly accommodate six people. Again, due to the ban on carrying passengers in the front seat during the Covid pandemic. Nowadays, MPV taxis can carry five people. This is often the choice for families needing a taxi to Cambridge To Heathrow airport. It is also often the choice for fewer. It is also often the selection for less than one or two people travelling to Logan, but with a lot of checked luggage.


The cargo van taxi is a very small taxi. This type of taxi is mainly used to transport large objects. For example, a bookcase or a mattress. The cargo van taxi is also reserved for moving many small items. Whether it is a move from the university hall of residence or a move to a warehouse or a new flat.

However, passengers must load and unload their belongings themselves. Not all Cambridge taxi companies have this type of taxi in their fleet. If you do not have this facility, and depending on the quantity and size of your item, you will be prepared to book a minicab. You will be prepared to book a minivan taxi if the rear seats are usually lowered to accommodate the size and volume.

When booking a taxi in Cambridge MA, knowing what type of taxi to order will help you confirm that passengers and items can be transported. Cambridge Cab can also help you dispatch the right taxi for you. When you call to reserve a taxi in Cambridge MA, a representative can help you determine the right size taxi. If you prefer to book a Cambridge taxi online.

The options to request taxi size and number of passengers travelling will help you send the right taxi. There is also a section for additional notes. On the online booking form it allows you to provide details about. The size and number of bags or if you are bringing a trolley or skis. This can help you to get the right taxi sent to you.

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