Canon Printer Isn’t Turning On- Fix It

Problems with power are not typical on Canon printers. Usually, they are due to a physical issue. It can occur anytime and can cause a temporary interruption of services. It is likely that you’ll need to try different approaches to address issues like reset Canon printer. But, prior to you can do this, you must find out the source of the issue. A damaged power supply or electrical source can be a common but possible cause of the issue. It is essential to search for possible causes and then figure out the best solution to fix the issue.

Reasons behind Canon Printer not working

If you’re having frequent issues with power to your printer, then you’ll require an effective solution. Before doing that, you must identify the cause to assist you in this regard. We have listed some of the most frequent reasons below. Look them up.

  • No Power Status
  • Low Power Supply
  • Wrong Power Supply Configuration
  • Adapter Issues
  • Use of Different Adapters
  • Trouble on the Power Cord

This is among the most frequent reasons Canon printers might not start.

To resolve the issue take these steps.

Check for Power

The power switch features a soft contact. Be aware that software can block the switch from functioning after the switch has been pressed for a short period of time. It can happen also when doors or access to the printer are open. In such instances, you can try restarting your printer, disconnecting all cables, and then waiting for 30 minutes. After that, reconnect all cables and cords. For printers with larger capacities, you can place an electric power outlet in the vicinity of the access panel or the power cord.

Trouble on the Power Cord

A power cord is among the most essential elements needed to connect, and when the cable is damaged, there’s no possibility of connecting. The condition of the power cable is simple to assess and if it’s found to be damaged and you need to replace it as quickly as you can. It is possible to buy another one to match the printer model. Damaged power cords are not common, however, it could happen, and it is recommended to watch it. Sometimes, the power cable gets damaged and you’re trying to find other issues.

Print Power Supply Configuration

The configuration of each printer can differ in a small way. Certain larger printers are equipped with a power cord, which cannot be taken away. Like a small printer but the AC adapter has to be connected to an outlet on the wall in order to provide power. The settings and configurations can differ based on the model of the printer.

Printer Adapter

Adapters come in a range of styles, such as external AC adapters, as and connected AC adapters. If you own an adapter for power supply built-in it is possible that the cord will not be able of removal. It is recommended to connect it with a power outlet on the wall and you must ensure that there’s no issue that causes the issue when the printer is turned on. If you’re unsure of the problem with their cord and wish to know if the cord is damaged, replace the cable with a new one. For adapters for external use, follow the same process.

These are the most efficient solutions to the problem of how to fix the Canon printer that isn’t operating. Try all of them and determine if it solves the issue. If there’s an issue, you can try repeating the steps.


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