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Challenges Nurses Encountered During COVID-19

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Nurses are always at the frontline – be it natural disasters (floods, storms, earthquakes, or tsunami), war or the newly found pandemic. Nurses are always at their feet, caring for the patients with compassion and medical expertise.

The war against COVID-19 has been most challenging for the healthcare system, let alone the nurses. The fight against the deadly virus has lasted for more than two years now. And it is expected to stay longer, just like the influenza flu (pandemic in 1918). And now, this situation is creating more pressure on the healthcare staff, especially nurses.

Nurses were working 24/7

Since even the nurses were working 24/7, they had no time left to work on their studies, and it became challenging for them to get nursing assignment help. Nurses went through a lot during the first and second waves of coronavirus. And nobody knows what new vibrant coronavirus can bring us in the future.

Furthermore, the COVID situation has impacted both the personal and professional lives of nurses. There were/are expect to work in an environment with few to no safety measures available. As a result, they put themselves at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

We should acknowledge the trending photos and videos of hospital staff and nurses indicating how exhausted the frontline nurses were during the first and second pandemic waves. Nurses and Doctors were seen with bruises and skin damage caused by wearing masks and dehydrated due to excessive heat. These are among the few challenges that saw the limelight, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. The challenges are many and more intense.

Shortages of Personal Protective Equipments

The first most furious challenge the nurses and staff faced was health care facilities not having enough personal protective equipment (PPE). It included face masks, lab gowns, and respirators. When the coronavirus was detected, hospitals weren’t prepared and had inadequate equipment and staff. Some of the hospitals couldn’t afford to purchase personal protective equipment.


According to a survey by NNU, around 87 per cent of nurses reported reusing facemasks. While 72 per cent reported having exposed clothing or skin while taking care of the patients.


It was a difficult time. The viral videos and photos showing how the nurses and the staff were serving the patients and taking care of them without being provided with the proper facilities broke everyone’s heart. Around 115500 deaths of healthcare workers, nurses and staff were recorded by WHO.

Working For Days Straight

Another challenge nurses faced was working straight for long hours or days. Nurses and health care workers couldn’t go home for days because of the workload, as more and more patients were coming to hospitals. The hospitals were thus short-staffed. Meanwhile, some workers couldn’t go home because they were infected.

The work nurses and health care workers did during the pandemic is worth praising. They left their families and home behind to serve their country and humanity. Many intern nurses and doctors have to work with their studies in such a trying time. As a result, many opted for online assignment help because they were helping the world.

Violence against Health Care Worker

We’ve seen such a disturbing and disheartening moment during the past two years of COVID. When everything and everyone seemed to be selfish and self-centred. Only health care workers were working selflessly, yet they were made the victims. Demised patients’ families abused nurses and fought the medical staff to get treatment. All of these scenarios damaged the work and health of nurses and other hospital staff and left them traumatised.

Increased risk of catching Covid

Health care workers were getting infected or dying due to COVID-19. The hospitals and isolation centres were overload, essential medical equipment was limited. And the doctors and nursing staff had to stretch that equipment to keep them in use. The patient load over hospitals made healthcare workers particularly susceptible to the disease.


Fear of Spreading infection

Going for a nursing career is very much rewarding. However,  nurses willingly entering into this profession involve the risk of infecting their families and friends. Because of exposure to different contagious infections on the job. During peak days of the pandemic. Health care workers and nurses were afraid to go home to their families. Just because they might be caring for the virus and could transfer it to their families. It was hard for the nurses, especially mother nurses, who had their kids waiting at home for their mothers to come. It is a truly selfless act to serve people while the family is waiting at home for you.

Bottom Line

Nurses and healthcare workers need more support now than ever. Before to keep up their health and safety, carry out their work safely, and provide services to the needy. The dedication nurses had shown during the pandemic is undoubtedly appreciate by the general public, government or countries. It is time for us to appreciate their struggles and salute the exhausted frontline staff. While the tributes to nurses are well deserve, it’s also time to reflect and develop solutions for their existing challenges.

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