Class 3 MOT Guide: Checks, Price, Benefits, and More!

Every year, car owners have to go for an MOT test of their vehicles. The test is compulsory for new cars after they reach their 3rd anniversary.

The tests guarantee the automobile is in a roadworthy condition and will not threaten safety or reduce performance when driving. Moreover, the annual MOT North London test ensures vehicles fulfill all the safety conditions plus environmental standards when driving on roads.

A class 3 vehicle MOT contains three-wheeled vehicles with a max unladen weight of 450kg. Also, it is essential to visit a test center that gets authorised by the DVSA to ensure a fair and top-notch inspection.

You can try looking for a three triangle logo on the outside of the test centers to check if it is authorised or not. This is important because only authorized test centers will have the required tools and technicians to perform a comprehensive check.

What is the paperwork to carry for your test?

If an MOT test was conducted last year, then the car owners will have to carry certain documents for the next check. The centre will want to review previous information such as:

  • The last year test certificate to know if the automobile passed or failed.
  • Mileage of your automobile
  • Which test center performed the last year’s MOT
  • Which parts failed during the last test
  • List of Minor plus major issues listed on your last year’s certificate
  • Date for the next due MOT

What are the benefits of getting an MOT Test conducted every year?

Apart from being compulsory for all automobile owners in the UK, going for annual MOT tests will also help you by providing:

Maintained performance

Going for yearly MOT tests makes certain there is no significant internal or external damage within the car that can lead to lessened performance when driving.

Improved fuel efficiency

Executing a careful and thorough examination of all the primary parts in an automobile can help detect any damage that can create extra engine load and lead to increased fuel consumption. MOT helps detect these issues beforehand and allows the car owners to fix them promptly.

Reduced overall expenses

Heading to the annual MOT inspection at an MOT test center can help uncover any underlying issue with the car. These issues can be fixed by the car owners promptly before leading to costly repairs.

Automobile longevity

Regular inspection can help increase the lifespan of multiple parts of your automobile and allow the vehicle to last longer.

Components inspected in a Class 3 MOT!

Lasting for about an hour, A Class 3 MOT test contains checking different components such as:

  • Brakes
  • Boot and Tailgate
  • Fuel System
  • Seat belt & SRS
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Horns
  • Mirrors
  • Seats
  • Vehicle Structure
  • Wipers & Washer
  • Lights
  • Doors
  • Exhaust System
  • Exhaust Emissions
  • Registration Plate

Moreover, the test usually lasts an hour and examines 

What all is not reviewed during a Class 3 MOT?

As per the latest set policies:

  • Electronic stability: During a class 3 MOT, the electronic stability system of a vehicle is not checked.
  • Noise suppression system: Any under-bonnet noise made by a vehicle is not tested during a class 3 MOT.
  • Beam: The primary beam tell-tale is also not tested during a Class 3 MOT.

What is the price of conducting MOTs?

The lowest price for obtaining an MOT Class 3 test relies upon the technology along with the gear utilized by the test center. Generally, the lowest charge for getting a Class 3 vehicle MOT is about £30.00 to a max of £60.00 for a passenger vehicle.

Exception to MOT

Class 3 vehicle owners cannot drive or even leave the vehicle parked on a road if they have not passed the annual MOT and have a valid test certificate. Furthermore, if someone gets caught without a pass MOT certification, then the person can be fined or indicted. The only time when someone can drive without an MOT is when:

  • Their vehicle is below three years of age
  • The car owner is driving the vehicle down to a repair facility
  • If someone is driving to an MOT test center and has an appointment booked.

If you still have any doubts or require additional information about MOT North London, then talk to an authorised test center staff that can help guide you towards the right solution for your vehicle.

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