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Avoid Losing your Reimbursement over Incorrect Covid Billing for Urgent Care and Lab testing

Covid Billing for Urgent Care and Lab testing

In the medical billing and coding process, errors are inevitable. According to a recent survey, one in five medical claims end up in denial or being rejected due to billing and coding errors. With the present day situation, new codes and covid billing requirements and its regulations; the figures in fact have grown a lot worse.

Impacting the entire claims process from modified benefits and coverage, new diagnosis and treatment codes have further ended up adding more than $15.5 billion in administrative cost; which can be avoidable with the right resources.

The covid billing for urgent care and lab testing have not only come bearing challenges in getting the testing and treatment along but also problems related to its billing process due to new medical coding and billing procedures and continuous modifications in coverage, and cost sharing etc.

Sunknowledge has got you covered for covid billing for urgent care and lab testing services:

Working for more than decades, Sunknowledge Services Inc today has a complete understanding of all your billing requirements. Resolving the new territory of the covid billing for urgent care and lab testing and maintaining positive operating margins, Sunknowledge experts have transformed the finance of many leading names in the industry.

Reducing 80% of the operational cost, we further help in eliminating the extra investment of software installation fee, training cost of billers and coders, wages etc that you end up spending.

With the highest productivity metrics across the industry, we are the ultimate RCM resolving aging AR as old as three years. In fact, actively managing timely claims submission, verification along with direct doctor’s office follow-up to managing proper documentation inventories; we are known for achieving a better ROI.

Reducing all your backlogs in no time at only $7 per hour, we today deliver you the seamless billing operation that you have always dreamt of. In fact, we are the only RCM organization with a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate thus reducing your chances of errors while maintaining the highest first-pass collection; which no other RCM organizations can meet or beat.

For more information on how partnering with us helps you or make difference to your practice, get in touch with our experts right now. As we are here to resolve all your covid billing for urgent care and lab testing.

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