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custom cabinet, When you take the greatest care of your interior, customization is sometimes desirable. This applies to wardrobes and wall cabinets in particular because they often cover the largest part of a wall. Then it is annoying if there is still a small gap because a standard-sized cupboard just doesn’t fit well in the space. A custom KARWEI cabinet solves this problem for you by letting you determine the dimensions of your cabinet. You can put together this custom cabinet yourself online. There is no furniture maker involved.


Customize KARWEI cabinet

Putting together a custom-made KARWEI cabinet is logical and simple because this is explained in detail visually in clear steps. Step by step you put together a cabinet that not only fits perfectly in the room where it will be located but also has the look you want. Choose a custom closet with sliding doors, a corner closet, or a walk-in closet. You also have complete freedom when designing the interior of the cabinet. Opt for many shelves or for a spacious hanging area, the choice is entirely up to you.


Customization in storage space

In terms of storage space, you want to be as efficient as possible and therefore make optimal use of the available space – including the height of a room. The better you do that, the more space you will have for other furniture and items. A custom-made KARWEI cupboard helps you to use the space you have as efficiently as possible, and to tailor the interior of your cupboard as well as possible to what you want to store in it. With a custom cabinet, you save space in two ways and you have a cabinet that you can use for years to come. Get amazing Product reviews with ideas for buying a website. 


Order custom cabinets online

Normally, customization in furniture is laborious and expensive, but not with KARWEI. With us, you put together a custom cabinet online and order it directly. This makes it just as easy as ordering a standard-size cabinet online. The only difference is that you first have to put together your closet online before you order it and have it delivered. Of course, you can also pick up the custom cabinet that you have put together at one of our hardware stores in your area.

Storage cabinet that fits in any room

In the webshop, you will find both open and closed storage cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for a storage room or workspace because you can expand them yourself according to the space you need. For example, in the webshop, you will find all the cabinet accessories you need, such as extra shelves, boxes or drawers. You can combine a storage cabinet with storage racks and accessories. Order today before 9 pm. at GAMMA, you will have everything at home tomorrow.


Whatever your interior preferences or clothing style, everyone needs a wardrobe. Maybe you are such a lover of clothes, shoes, and accessories that one wardrobe is not enough. At KARWEI you will find a wide range of wardrobes, so you will always find a wardrobe that suits your taste and amount of clothing. The size is also important with wardrobes. At KARWEI you will find various spacious and conveniently arranged wall cabinets that fit well in most bedrooms. Do you think ‘fitting well’ is not enough and do you want a wardrobe that fits perfectly? At KARWEI you can put together a tailor-made wardrobe so that you always order the perfectly fitting wardrobe.


Wardrobe with sliding doors

In most cases, KARWEI wardrobes can be arranged according to your own preference. In this way, you divide the space in the way that best suits the clothes you have. You also have a lot of choices in the appearance and space requirements of your wardrobe. A deep wardrobe is nice if you have a large room, but if you are struggling with little play, we also have fewer deep wardrobes in our range. Choose doors with mirrors, such as the Janneke wardrobe 152 cm light oak + mirror, so that you can immediately see how your outfit looks on you. And if you don’t like patio doors, a wardrobe with sliding doors is also easy to find.


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