Detailed Guide to Becoming a Lean Six Sigma Expert

Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Expert certification is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after certifications. Professionals aiming for highly-qualified positions want to get certified, and businesses are always searching for individuals who are familiar with Lean Six Sigma methodology and can demonstrate a certification in the field. It’s not an easy examination to pass, but once you have your certification, the possibilities for your career are endless.

So how does one become a Lean Six Sigma Expert? Find out by reading on.

Benefits of Becoming a Lean Six Sigma Expert

Employing the Six Sigma methodology has great potential for the company or organization you’re working for. It aids in resolving fundamental management problems and boosting productivity. Your career is significantly boosted when you get lean six sigma expert certification for your accomplishments.

  1. Professional Advancement

The most common motivation for becoming certified is to grow in your field. Becoming a lean six sigma expert demonstrates that you possess various skills for companies. Being certified demonstrates your ability to use lean six sigma principles and makes you stand out from the competition.

  • Recognized as a Leader

You won’t completely understand estimating procedures until you get your lean six sigma certification—additionally, the capacity to calculate the financial benefits of the same. Your lean six sigma training provides you the upper hand. Additionally, you will be recognized as a team leader. The effectiveness of the business model may be increased with the aid of learning methods and the capacity to use six sigma tools. People who have obtained their Lean Six Sigma Belts are ready to effect change. They support process improvement and quality assurance, which ultimately serves clients financially.

  • Career Development

The ability to handle finances and evaluate problems is appealing to a corporation. These crucial characteristics are regarded as growth measures of a business. Certified lean six sigma experts advance quickly up the hierarchy and, without a doubt, take on more responsibility.

  • Problem-Solver

A business may do more with the aid of a genuine lean six sigma expert. People with knowledge of and training in lean six sigma speak with authority. They employ six sigma lean approaches to improve a process and reduce waste since they now have a greater understanding of the problem’s seriousness. It teaches you personally how to manage processes. It minimizes expenses in the long run.

Steps to Get Certified

This authentic quality management solution focuses on boosting output, modernizing procedures, and cutting waste. Its certification promotes skills including leadership, innovative thinking, teamwork, knowledge of analytical tools, and other crucial facets of project management. Six Sigma fundamentals are covered in lean six sigma training. It is supplemented by a wide range of tried-and-true techniques, tools, and concepts established by the sector.

Lean Six Sigma has five fundamental stages:

  • Defining the issue
  • Evaluating the quantity of the issue
  • Analyzing and determining the issue’s root cause
  • Enhancing, putting into practice, and validating the solution
  • Controlling and retaining the solution

Using this approach, you and your team can quickly identify and resolve issues, leading to better outcomes for company operations.

Through Lean Six Sigma Certification, one may advance to several levels. Green belt, Black belt, Master belt, Yellow belt, and White belt.

To become a lean six sigma expert, you must get a certified green and black belt. The procedures listed below must be completed to get certification for these two levels. It’s crucial to remember that to get the Black Belt, these procedures are far more involved and detailed.

Step 1

Passing a Six Sigma certification examination is the first step. After completing the course, a candidate must pass written tests, most of which use an open-book style. Short-answer questions, multiple-choice questions that primarily concentrate on a set of ideas, and the basic DMAIC improvement techniques are all included in the Green Belt exam. These are not difficult exams to crack if one is well-prepared. A candidate’s analytical and statistical abilities are tested during the Black Belt exam.

Step 2

After passing the written exam, candidates must submit the specifics of the project they were given to complete as part of their certification. Before the specified end date, the project must be finished via storyboarding or documentation and submitted for approval. Once finished, a DMAIC project must be submitted by Lean Sigma and Green Belt applicants, while Black Belt applicants must submit at least two projects.

The individuals who have applied for a Master Belt certification must also fulfill the tasks mentioned above and share their extensive implementation experiences. These applicants must also show their expertise in mentoring and training. They must complete this stage to assume the role of a mentor in the future, which is a highly valued and serious responsibility.

Step 3

An interview is the next step. Each applicant must participate in a lengthy interview that lasts at least a few hours. Examiners discuss and evaluate the projects that were submitted here. After that, each candidate’s soft skills are tested during the interview. The interviewer evaluates the candidate’s leadership abilities, determines if they can effectively adapt to and manage changes, and gauges their broad knowledge of Lean Six Sigma Expert techniques.

Step 4

After completing all these procedures, the applicant gets a written report with detailed feedback. This report evaluates how well they did on each of the abovementioned steps. A candidate for an interview is considered successful if they pass all three of these tests and get the necessary certification scores. Through repeating these processes, others will have the opportunity to address their areas of weakness and increase their prospects of becoming a lean six sigma expert.


Since you’re familiar with the steps to become a lean six sigma expert, you must choose when to get the certification and from whom. Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Expert course can and should be your one-stop shop for all your course requirements! So, practice well, ace the test, and obtain your certificate. The effort at each stage will pay off in the end with excellent results.

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