Do Printed Cardboard Boxes Good For Business?  

Printed Cardboard Boxes are often made of non-biodegradable materials. When you think about the impact on the environment, this is a negative thing. 

We all know vape products are very fragile, in particular the batteries. If you’re on active duty with your vaping devices or want to store them when not in use safely, then consider investing in some case/storage system for them. This ensures they’ll protect against everyday wear and tear, leading to devise failure over time.

New Way To Make Custom Packaging Boxes

We can create printed Cardboard Boxes without cutting down trees or using oil. One company has done just that by creating PHA Bioplastic, an environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastic that’s biodegradable. This new material has been proven to go from discarded food packaging to a new package box in just ten days.

Even if we can recycle many times, it still takes energy and material to turn cardboard into recycled products again. This creates what some people call “secondhand” or “downcycled” packaging boxes. 

But these secondhand materials take time and energy to produce, which means greenhouse gas emissions for businesses who use them in their packaging process.

What Is PHA Bioplastic?

PHA stands for poly hydroxyl alkanoates. This material can make solid and rigid containers like plastic, but it’s 100% biodegradable. It doesn’t need the chemicals or fossil fuels required to produce traditional plastics. 

When you’re ready to throw out your container, it will naturally degrade back into carbon dioxide, water and biomass without leaving behind any toxic residue. There are no by-products leftover or harmful effects on the environment at all. 

While it currently costs more money than other materials, businesses who want to do the right thing for the environment but don’t want to go 100% paper or cardboard can use this bioplastic as a hybrid solution.

PHA Bioplastic Can Extend the Shelf Life of Your Goods

 One of the best things about PHA Bioplastic is its toughness, which means it’s perfect for packaging goods that need protection from outside forces. 

Whether you’re shipping food across the country or sending fragile goods through the mail, PHA will hold up and protect them from weather and other external impacts. 

This increases your product’s shelf life without using harmful materials like Styrofoam, plastics, or polystyrene peanuts made with CFCs that pose a threat to wildlife and human health alike. 

PHA Bioplastic is a terrific alternative to traditional packaging options like polystyrene and plastic containers mostly used in customized boxes

What can be the most useable types of inbox business?

There are many types of cardboard boxes businesses, all with different functions.

Moving boxes:

These are specially designed to pack up and carry your possessions in a move. They usually tapered so you can stack them.

Storage boxes:

These sturdy containers protect and organize your belongings while they sit collecting dust or snow outside your garage or basement. 

Moving/shipping boxes:

If you plan to ship or move your goods rather than store them, these types of Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes packaging will come in handy for protecting your belongings during a move. 

Computer shipping boxes:

If you work in the technology industry where computers and other large equipment need to be shipped regularly.

Look for computer shipping boxes that protect high-tech gear from moisture exposure, falls, and scratches while maintaining clarity. So that technicians can check inventory without having to open up each box one by one. 

Shipping boxes:

These are your standard cardboard shipping packages used by businesses, online shoppers, and anyone else who needs to get goods from point A to point B safely. 


As mentioned earlier, The Customized Boxes are not just limited to tobacco and mod vaping devices. We provide these types of custom boxes for almost any kind of product—this foodstuff like chips or cookies, drinks like beer or soft drinks, even cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Also, any product that needs to be packed carefully can use corrugated boxes because of its shock absorption. The main goal here is the safety of your products so that you will need Custom Corrugated Boxes!


Well, it depends on what you’re expecting but here are some ideas for you! As mentioned before, custom cardboard boxes are widely used in the packaging industry. Vape products are not the only product that can use corrugated boxes. Here are some other examples: Cosmetics products for example perfumes, lipsticks, etc.



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