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Do You Need to Clean House After Pest Control Treatments?

While most of us know how much pest control service is important, cleaning the house before or after the pest control treatment is still a common dilemma for many.

Well, cleaning your house before the pest control treatment may put you in problems as you may remove the evidence of hidden pests that are stubborn and work silently. So, instead of deep cleaning your house, you should only make a clear way for the exterminators or pest control experts by removing heavy furniture, and also remove linens, covers, pillows, etc. and keep them in a safe place. If you don’t have enough storage place then use plastic covers to wrap them.

It is done because pest control technicians use toxic chemicals and that can be harmful to your health. Hence, you will have to cover everything before they use pesticides and insecticides. This will help you to prevent your kids and pets from any tragedies.

You will indeed want to clean out the toxic chemcials immediately after pest control treatment, but you shouldn’t start cleaning them instead wait until they work. Try to understand that you will ruin the effect and the hard work of professional pest control technicians by cleaning your house immediately after pest control treatments.

So, let’s know the right way to clean your house after spraying pesticides and insecticides.

Tips to Clean House After Pest Control Treatments

Have patience

When exterminators will spray pesticides and other chemicals then they will let you know when you can enter your house. It is because sometimes the products take time to work. So, you will have to be patient during the time. Delhi pest control experts do their best to remove pests, but some are stubborn and are hard to get rid of. Hence, keep patience and let the products work effectively. There are chances when you cannot clean your house even after a week because some stubborn pests take time to come out of their nests. Ask the exterminators when is the right time for you to enter and when you can clean your house.

Gather the cleaning tools

If you are thinking just a wet cloth is enough for you to clean the house then you are wrong. You will need more than this. So, prepare your cleaning tool. For this, you will need water, dishwasher soap, trash bags, a vacuum cleaner, sponges or rags, and a bucket. This will help you to thoroughly clean your house.

And to protect yourself from the effect of pesticides get your hands covered with gloves and also wear a face mask. Wash everything and change the water when it gets dirty. Using the same dirty water means you are bringing the pests back to your house.

Find a starting point

If your entire house is got sprayed then deciding where to start the cleaning process can be a challenging task. If you have multiple rooms then select a room and start cleaning. This way you will not get confused and also one room will be finished at a time.

Clean walls and windows

Take a cotton cloth or a sponge, dip it into soapy water to clean your walls and windows. If your walls have no plastic paints then avoid doing it and simply use a dry cloth to clean the walls.

Clean the floor

After cleaning your walls and windows, your main focus should be on the floor. Vacuum and mop your floor to remove pesticides. Do not focus only on the open spaces, but also clean the floor under the furniture. For this also, you can use soap and water solution and mop the floors to remove chemicals. Also do not mop the floors near walls. The pesticides will prevent pests from roaming here and there. If you have carpets then use vacuum cleaners to remove dirt.

Vacuum upholstery furniture

Apart from the floor, walls, and windows, you should clean the upholstery as well as wooden furniture too. The fabric of your furniture could be damaged. Vacuum the upholstery furniture.

Keep the house dry

Moist attracts pests. And if you will clean your house with water and soap solutions then there are chances the pests will come back, or the others that are outside your house may attract to the moist environment inside your house. If your house has any untreated water leaks and water sources, then seal and clean them as vermin can survive when they water. So, keep your house dry.

Throw away uncovered food

If you have food and snacks in your kitchen that was uncovered during the pest control treatment then you must throw them. The kitchen is the foremost place o be treated by the exterminators as it is the hub of pests like ants, cockroaches, rats, and flies. The food that was uncovered during pest control is not safe anymore. It is exposed to chemicals and it is not good. That’s why you should store food in an air-tight container before pest control.


The pest control company you have hired will guide you on what to do before and after pest control treatment. Also, they will let you know when to reenter the house after the extermination. So, hire a professional pest control company in Gurgaon that can not only provide the best pest control service but also guide properly to clean the house after pest control treatments.

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