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What is Erotophobia or Sex Phobia And Its Causes?

When a person does not like having sexual intimacy; on the other hand, fears or panics whenever being in a sexual intimacy situation. Then the situation is known as genophobia” or “erotophobia.”. This condition is much more than just aversion or disliking sexual intimacy. Also, just thinking about sexual intimacy can create tremendous fear and panic for some. So, it is a condition that requires medical attention immediately; as it can affect the relationship of the person to the core and create a lot of problems for them. If a person feels anxious being emotionally connected to someone, this can also convert into sexual Erotophobia.

Thus, if you want to get a more profound knowledge about the condition of Erotophobia; its symptoms, and its causes, then you should read down the article to the end.

Symptoms of the Problem of Erotophobia-

Phobias or fear have a more impactful reaction than just disliking something, as phobias involve more anxiety and extreme fear. Also, the situation can cause immense psychological and physical reactions, which can interfere with the normal functioning of the daily processes. Some of the symptoms or responses of Erotophobia are as follows-

  1. An immediate anxiety flush can be due to being in a situation of physical intimacy or may also be because of thinking about the case involving physical intimacy.
  2. You know that the fear and the anxiety are just momentarily, but then too are unable to control its reaction.
  3. If the trigger or the situation is not removed fast, it can worsen the situation.
  4. You generally avoid the situation, which creates such emotions in you.
  5. There is extreme nausea, heart palpitations, sweating, trouble breathing, etc. when you are in an intimate or triggering situation.

Causes of the Problem of Erotophobia-

There is still no clear picture of what causes the situation of genophobia in anyone. However, if the doctor finds the specific cause, it’s essential to treat it in the very beginning. Most of the reasons for genophobia are due to physical and mental issues. Some of the common and the main reasons for the problem areas below-

  1. Vaginismus- In this condition, the muscles of the vagina clench up when physical contact or vaginal penetration is done. This problem can cause difficulty in intercourse or lead to no intercourse. Also, it can make the process of putting a tampon into the vagina very difficult. Such bad pain and consistent pain can cause fear during sexual intimacy.
  2. Erectile dysfunction– The common problem in men, in which they are unable to keep up an erection is Erectile dysfunction. However, the condition is highly curable, but it may lead to a lot of shame, embarrassment, and stress in men. Sometimes, men do not even get a cure for this problem. Thus, these feelings can cause a lot of fear in men during intimacy.
  3. History of abuse: If the person has been through some past bad experiences related to sexual intimacy. Then also, they can develop high phobias and fears related to sexual contact.
  4. The pressure of performing- Many people think they are not good in bed. This can lead to a lot of pressure, discomfort and may lead t having fear during physical or sexual contact.
  5. Body shaming: If someone is not confident about their body, this can also lead to nonsexual satisfaction. Thus, this may also lead to avoiding sexual intimacy at all times to avoid body shame.

Treatment for the Problem of Erotophobia-

Suppose the condition is because of any physical problem. Then the doctors may treat that situation to make the situation better, however, if the problem is due to some component. Doctors then treat the situation using Cognitive Behavioral therapy. In the process of CBT, the doctor generally tells the patient to think different while they are in a situation that can cause them to trigger. Also, the best problem is to see a sexologist in Gurgaon, so they can guide you towards different thinking and lead you to better results.

In this given condition, the doctors may also try a combination of oral pills and therapy to get the best results. Also, the patient should be extremely patient with the process, as the results may take time to show.

Who is the best Sexologist in India-

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Take Away-

A lot of men and women go through a lot of sexual problems these days, but they do not get a solution to them as they are ashamed of having it. However, if you go to a doctor in time, you can find a solution. One such problem is Erotophobia, which makes the patient phobic in involved in sexual intimacy. But if the patient talks to a doctor, the problem can be solved in no time.

So, if you are looking for an institute or a clinic to help you solve all your problems, then try IASH, India. If you want to know more about the doctors and the hospital, then check it out on “IASH India.”

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