Everything You Need To Know About Metal Stamping

Undoubtedly, metal stamping is one of the best ways to manufacture precision metal parts. Therefore, metal stamping suppliers specializing in high-tech metal stamping processes are in demand today. 

What is metal stamping?            

Metal stamping is a metal part manufacturing process that uses
metal pressing techniques like forming and cutting is
widely used in creating exactness metal components for automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and more.

Here a flat metal sheet of the desired length is fed to the metal pressing table. The metal press can be either hydraulic or mechanical. Metal stamping is a cold working process carried out at room temperature. 

The metal stamping dies to provide the necessary force to form or cut the metal sheet into the desired geometry. The design is altered for short and long production runs to accommodate the needs.

Types of Metal Stamping Presses

Metal stamping suppliers usually work in either three of the following stamping presses:

Mechanical stamping presses. 

Here a motor is connected to the flywheel to power stamping operations. The press speeds range between 20-1500 strokes per minute. The press capability can be anywhere between 20-6000 tons. 

Hydraulic stamping presses. 

Here a pressurized hydraulic fluid is used to generate the pressing force. The press speed is quite flexible and high. Manufacturers use it for the small volume production of complex metal parts.

Mechanical servo stamping presses. 

Here a direct drive system powers the motor for pressing function. It is popular among metal stamp suppliers who need complex metal parts on short notice. 

Types of Metal Stamping Dies

Metal stamping dies are a crucial part of the metal stamping operation. Therefore right choice makes a huge difference in the output.

Here are some of the most common metal stamping dies:

Single station metal stamping dies

As the name suggests, the single-stroke metal stamping die moulds the metal sheet in one stroke. Any one of the metal stamping operations takes place. It is mainly usses as simple metal parts like coins. 

Compound die

Performs more than one metal stamping operation in a single stroke. The operation could be a mix of forming and cutting processes. Again, this metal stamping die is used to manufacture flat metal parts with minimal complexity. 

Progressive die

Progressive dies are gaining wide popularity to create accurate metal parts with intricate geometry. It offers high accuracy, and the metal shape comes out to match the designer’s specifications. Here, the metal strip goes through a series of workstations. At each station one metal stamping operation takes place. The final product removes from the strip at the last station. 

Transfer dies

Transfer die also has a series of workstations. Here, the metal strip lifted from one station and placed in another, unlike progressive die. That’s why this makes it suitable to mass-produce large-sized metal parts in a stipulated time. 


Metal stamping suppliers heavily rely on the best metal stamping processes. Therefore Progressive dies are one of the best and most popular metal stampings die to create medium and small precision metal parts. whats’s your opinion 




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