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Everything you need to know about the varsity jacket

How to choose a down jacket

The most important thing is to decide exactly what model we want to buy and what requirements it should meet. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the parameters that we primarily pay attention to.

  1. Appointment.

This is the main purchase criterion. The choice of this or that model depends on where you are going to wear a down jacket and in what weather. A shortened version is suitable for sports. For hiking in extreme conditions, there are special men’s jackets with improved heat-saving characteristics. The extended down jacket will protect your back from the wind. It can be worn both in an urban environment and during outdoor activities.

  1. Filling

Most down jackets use natural down and feathers as insulation. The higher the% down, the better the jacket retains heat and is lighter in weight. Recently, manufacturers have been using artificial down, which is in no way inferior in characteristics to natural, but costs an order of magnitude lower.

  1. The size between the stitches

The jacket should have small stitched blocks so that the down does not fall off, does not form lumps, is evenly spaced for reliable protection from the cold, and after washing it will regain its original appearance.

  1. Sewing quality

Make sure all seams are straight and there are no threads sticking out. It is important to pay attention to the lining, whether feathers and down are visible, otherwise you will have to clean your clothes all the time. The fittings must be strong. A big plus if the kit includes a bag with buttons and buttons.

  1. Additional details

The hood will protect you from the elements. The advantage is that if he and the fur trim come unfastened, then the model becomes universal for wearing. Additional cuffs on the sleeves, pulling ropes in the hood and at the waist will keep the cold out.


One of the oldest outerwear options is loved by women for its many qualities. The coat is comfortable soft fabric and elegant silhouettes. Warm models allow you to feel complete comfort in cold weather. The coat will surely leave you stylish in any weather. A modern coat can be worn with any footwear and accessories. Coat types:


Rather, a model for casual bows. Differs in dense fabric (most often wool) and fang-like buttons. Can be combined with low-cut shoes, jeans, sweaters.

Pea jacket

Double-breasted short insulated jacket. Distinctive features: two rows of buttons, turn-down collar.


The most classic coat. What makes it special is the lack of sleeves. Trendy model for the 2019-2020 season. Looks good in business and austere outfits. May be completed with long gloves and small bags.


English classic coat below the thigh line. Fitted cut, no decorative elements or highlight pockets / collar. It can be with two or one sides.


The cut of the coat, widened at the waist, tapers towards the bottom, resembling a cocoon. Looks equally stylish in classic and casual bows. The soft silhouette allows you to hide the flaws of the figure. Models of such a coat often have no decor.


Oversized coat with a free cut. Can be applied to any style of clothing. It can be worn with both classic and sports shoes. It is considered a basic item in a woman’s wardrobe.

Trench coat

Straight cut coat without sides or with two sides. Has shoulder straps, tabs on the sleeves, a belt. Can be of any length. It goes well with shoes with heels, looks advantageous in the looks of the sport-chic style.


Warm cape with a loose fit. It may differ in the presence or absence of a belt, sleeves, buttons.


Double-breasted coat of a straight or fitted silhouette with shoulder straps, buttons, vents. Looks best in casual outfits. Combines with any footwear.

What should be a quality winter jacket?

Due to the severity of UK winters, men, first of all, when choosing a jacket, pay attention to what temperature regime they can withstand. Therefore, a high-quality jacket must be frost-resistant up to 40 degrees below zero. Such models are offered by both foreign well-known brands and several time-tested and experience-tested UK brands.

Simple Design Jackets

The second indicator of a quality jacket is its practicality and a high degree of comfort. In such clothes, a man should be not only warm and comfortable, but also comfortable. The jacket should not restrict movement, repel moisture and precipitation, but at the same time breathe without causing skin fogging. Stylists advise to choose laconic and simple design jackets that are practical and versatile in terms of drawing up an overall image and style.

  • Expert opinion
  • Helen Goldman
  • Male stylist-image maker

The main indicators of the branded jacket are a high-tech membrane fabric, windproof with a water-repellent impregnation, as well as a filler made from natural down of goose, swan, etc. Such a down jacket will surely protect against low temperatures, wind, precipitation and other weather conditions.


A high-quality product, first of all, should be lightweight, waterproof, easily cleaned of any contamination. A factory item is distinguished by the fabric used, the fittings and the quality of tailoring. Well-known brands of men’s jackets fully meet all quality requirements.

The cost of a down jacket largely depends on the filler and decorative trim. Ideally, a winter jacket has the following characteristics:

  1. A combination of down and feathers in a ratio of 8 to 2. It is desirable that the filler is treated with a water repellent agent.
  2. The outer fabric should be tight and durable.
  3. It is important that the jacket is comfortable, especially while driving.
  4. The hood should be large enough to keep out wind and rain. Some models of jackets have a hood with a vertical tie, which allows you to adjust its depth.
  5. Thermoregulation is one of the main factors. The jacket should not be cold, but at the same time, the body should not sweat.
  6. There should be cuffs along the bottom of the product, on the sleeves and the neckline.
  7. A quality product cannot be cheap, it is better to stick to the golden mean.
  8. It is good if the jacket belongs to a well-known brand with a good reputation.

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