Filipino Restaurant Dubai – 10 Philippines Food Dishes That One Must-Try at Dubai

When you are in Dubai, you have the option to try various cuisines. However, the Philippines food is something that you need to try if you yearn for something new. The Filipino cuisine is influenced by Indian, Spanish, Malay Kingdoms, and Chinese dishes to blend various flavours in one cuisine. 

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Therefore, you need to try the traditional dishes at a Filipino restaurant in Dubai. But which dishes do you need to try? Here are some of our favourite Filipino dishes that we recommend when travelling to Dubai. 

  1. Adobo

The number one dish to try at the best Filipino restaurant in Dubai is Adobo. It is an unofficial national Philippines food that is made using chicken or pork simmered in vinegar and soy sauce. It’s also topped with loads of crushed garlic and black pepper. 

Every region or family in the Philippines has its distinct way of making adobo. So, it can taste a little different depending on the place you eat it. It is one of the amazing Filipino dishes that derive its name from the Spanish word “adobar,” meaning marinade or pickle. The lip-smacking dish is something that offers you the best Filipino flavors. It is best served with rice. 

  1. Lumpia

If you want to have a tasty Filipino lunch, you should try lumpia. It’s influenced by Chinese cuisine and is a tasty deep-fried spring roll. It is stuffed with minced meat and chopped vegetables. When this traditional dish is blended with the right sauces, it is the tastiest dish from the Philippines that you can have. And, we are sure that you won’t look at springs rolls the same way as you used to. Furthermore, this dish is an important part of Filipino food culture. 

  1. Inasal

Do you enjoy perfect roasted chicken? If so, Inasal is the dish for you. The local people in Visayan Islands make this dish. It’s marinated with lemongrass, ginger, and calamansi juice. Further, it is roasted on fire and basted with tasty annatto oil. It’s served with soy sauce dip, rice, and liquid chicken fat. All these ingredients make it one of the best Philippines dishes that you cannot miss. 

  1. Pancit

Pancit is another tasty Philippines dish that is influenced by appetizing Chinese cuisine. This simple yet scrumptious dish is made with a combination of meat, noodles, and vegetables that you’d like to add to it. The name of this dish originates from the Hokkien word “pian e sit,” which refers to something conveniently cooked. Though cooked using simple ingredients, it is very rich in flavor. So, you’d love every bite of this dish.  

  1. Cassava Cake

Are you willing to try traditional Filipino desserts? Nothing can come close to the famous cassava cake. It’s made with coconut milk and freshly grated cassava flour. It’s traditionally baked on coal, which gives this cake a smoky flavor. What’s best about this cake is that there’s no need to feel guilty about having it because this dessert is known for its various health benefits. 

  1. Chicharon

This dish is brought to the Philippines from Spain. Chicharon is deep-fried pork that’s similar to the pork made in Mexico. It has crunchy pieces of deep-fried pork rinds. The Filipino-style chicharon is often dipped in coconut vinegar for flavour. It is also one of the most well-known Philippines foods that you can have with beer.  


Is your mouth watering already? Do try these foods in the best Filipino restaurant in Dubai on your next holiday or during a business trip to the city. We’re certain that you’ll love the multi-cultural influences of these dishes. When you try them, do share your views with us. 

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