Fishing! Gadgets you can take with you to the river

Fishing gadgets in fishing tackle Ireland are a very specific niche because the hobby is very “conservative”. Many people do not go fishing for fish – there is a store for this. And yet, something interesting is being created in this category. Let’s take a look at some of the inventions.

Probably the most popular fishing gadget will be a fish finder. The number of devices is in the dozens, and very large brands have been noticed in the creation, for example Duohook.

Deeper product

Those that sync with a smartphone, the most famous are Deeper products. The junior model, which costs about 10,000, will be a good purchase. The miniature echo sounder has a high autonomy – up to two days of fishing, has a stable Bluetooth signal at a distance of up to 40 meters and is universal for summer and winter fishing.

The main task that he solves: analysis of the relief of the reservoir and the demonstration of the presence of fish. At the same time, he does not need additional external screens – Deeper works in tandem with a proprietary application.

Another interesting project on the same topic that deserves attention is the echo sounder clock. The smartphone is, of course, convenient, always nearby, but at some points even its dimensions can become a hindrance.

SmartCast RF35

With this in mind, Humminbird introduced the once-SmartCast RF35, a watch that seems to be hard to find now.

They worked in tandem with a locator, and all the necessary information, in our case, the presence of fish, was displayed on a simple digital display. At the same time, both hands remained free and there was no need for additional distraction.

The problem of “visualizing a fishing spot” can be solved in different ways. In this regard, they thought of making special cameras, one of which, the so-called “Fishing Camera”, flew around the world and even reached Aliexpress.

The kit consists of two parts: a small display that can be attached directly to the rod, and a camera in the form of a “clipped” float that is attached above the hook.

A Fishing FanCam float with a camera

A team of domestic developers came up with a similar initiative last year: in April 2016, a Fishing FanCam float with a camera appeared on Kickstarter.

Unfortunately, at what stage this project is now is unknown. But its main advantage is that the camera did not become a superfluous element. Well float and float. And with or without a camera – it really happened.

Anglr’s fisherman tracker

Anglr’s fisherman tracker is one of the weirdest devices out there. On the other hand, there are trackers for swimming, golf, football, boxing … Fishing is also a sport, why not make a tracker for fishing?

The device will not help catch fish, but it will record the throws and “achievements” of the fisherman, saving the data in the smartphone: where they cast the rod, where they caught it, and will help to draw up a very accurate map of fishing success.

As an alternative to echo sounders, cameras that help to find out where the fish are, smart baits have been offered for completely lazy fishermen. The logic is: why look for a fishing spot if you can call a fish. One such project was on Kickstarter – Fish Call.

The gadget was thrown into the water and simulated vibration and other signals that were supposed to (God, how does it work) remind the fish of the natural sounds of the feeding process.

The fish had to go to the call and – ha-ha, got caught!

Okay, if these guys haven’t really explained anything, then we’ll go into science. In fact, many years of research have been devoted to smart bait, and the BioPulse project should have started first.

The idea of ​​creation belongs to the doctor of biological sciences, who has devoted three decades to the study of the sensory systems of fish. As a result, he developed a bait that acts as an irritant to the fish’s nervous system, activating (God, how does it work) taste areas, and the fish cannot help but swallow the bait. The article linked above has an email address where you can send questions. The project sites are not working at the moment.

Fishing rod

Another device from the series for the lazy “fishing rod”. Indeed: why swim or walk along the coast yourself, when you can control a miniature boat.

The boat is equipped with the necessary baits, and all you have to do is drive it away with the help of the remote control, to the place where, as it seems to you, there is fish, and then drive it back.

Own cozy pier

Its own cozy pier is called Corian, a concept for those who live by the river. Such a device can probably be assembled on your own.

The main convenience lies in the backrest. And also, when the fisherman sits on this chair, a light bulb lights up in the underwater part, the light of which attracts the fish.

There are no smart fishing rods. Last year they even wrote about one of them on GeekTimes, although the fate of the described project is vague.

One of the first to offer a smart fishing rod was the developers of SmartRod. By the way, only $ 54. The main task of such a fishing rod is to accurately determine the bite, excluding “false” jerks, for which the fishing rod is equipped with several sensitive sensors.

A special infrared thermometer

And, finally, a special infrared thermometer that will not scare away fish. It was introduced by William Joseph. The gadget needs to be brought to the surface of the water, and it will instantly show the temperature. Why any other infrared thermometer cannot be used, the company does not elaborate.


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