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Five Ways to Lighten Your Mood

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re having the time of your life? Everything is going perfectly, in fact…it couldn’t get any better! And then, something happens, and your entire mood is ruined! Or, are you someone who is constantly down in the dumps, and have no idea how to make yourself feel better? Both cases can be pretty exhausting. However, if you’re someone who is always feeling hopeless and dispirited, try visiting a Psychiatrist to sort your problems out. Human beings are pretty sensitive creatures. From not getting a birthday wish to having someone insult us, a bad mood can dominate our day very easily. But fret not! I have the easiest ways to lighten your mood, keep reading. 

1.     Exercise and Meditate

It might come as a surprise, but exercise and meditation can actually help lighten your mood very quickly. Exercising helps reduce anxiety. It aids in the production of endorphins and dopamine, both of which are hormones associated with feeling happy and content. They boost your confidence and help uplift your mood. Similarly, meditation can help relax your mind. One of the easiest ways to meditate is to close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Pay attention to whatever you are feeling and concentrate on channeling your positive thoughts. This can help lighten your mood in no time.

2.     Smile and Hug

Yes, smiling even if you’re feeling miserable can improve your mood. Research reveals that smiling triggers “happy” hormones in your brain. So, even if you do not feel happy, smiling can make you feel better. On the other hand, hugging helps as well. As simple as it is, hugging stimulates oxytocin, which in turn has a progressive effect on your mood. Psychologists also recommend giving yourself a massage to decrease your heart rate, and reduce cortisol, a stress inducing hormone, in your system.

3.     Talk to Someone

When we are feeling despondent, it is much easier to shut ourselves out, and not communicate with anyone. This is because communication takes effort. And being in a bad mood is pretty tiring. So, while being alone seems like an easier option, talking to someone who understands you, can really help lighten your mood. A lot of times, we fail to see what the actual problem is, but someone else might be able to point it out at once. So, talk to a close family member or friend or visit a Psychiatrist in rawalpindi . Venting can help you let go of your negative feelings, lighten your heart and reset your mind to think in a positive manner.

4.     Self-care

Self-care is essential, and working on your physical self can have a lasting impact on your mental self too. Simply taking a shower, doing your skincare routine, getting your nails done, or spending a day at the spa pampering yourself can really lighten your mood. These activities are a reminder for yourself that you are precious. And you deserve to take some time off from the daily grind and indulge in self-care.Putting yourself first or taking care of yourself can help boost your self-esteem too. A high self-esteem will in turn pump your confidence and make you feel much better about yourself.

5.     Divert your Mind

Sometimes, diverting your mind from the thing ruining your mood can really help. It is in no way a permanent solution, but it gives you enough time to feel better and face your problems head-on. Engage yourself in anything you like, read your favourite book, go out for a walk, organize your closet, or clean your room. A clean, organized environment reduces stress. It also gives you a sense of achievement and elevates your mood. If you don’t feel like cleaning, watch your favorite movie and get a good laugh. Laughter increases dopamine production in the brain, making you feel all relaxed and easy.

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