Fix the Norton installation error on your system?

Norton antivirus is a top security program that can provide good security to the device. The plans of Norton are available for Windows, Mac, and your phone devices. You have to purchase the plan and then install it on your computer. But some users face errors while installing the Norton on the system.

Why is Norton showing the installation error?

  1. The user is trying to install an incompatible Norton system
  2. Low disk space on the system
  3. Another antivirus is interrupting the Norton installation
  4. Junk files are corrupting your Norton setup
  5.  Your system OS is outdated
  6. Malicious software is conflicting

Troubleshooting Norton antivirus installation error

Install the compatible Norton setup

People often install software without checking the requirements. Your program only gets installed when the system is providing all the required resources. Norton antivirus is available for every device but has different setups. The error occurs while transferring the subscription. Indeed you can transfer the Norton subscription from device to device but on the same platform. Do not try to transfer the PC license to Mac; it won’t work. When the antivirus is not working then go to the web and check the requirements of your Norton plan. If your PC is not specified as the requirements then go for another Norton setup.

Increase the hard-disk space

Your program will require hard disk space for installation. If the space is very low then you will get the Norton error 8504 5 and the setup won’t install. You can only install the setup when you add the space. Users can either use an SSD or an external hard disk. Connect the external hard drive and copy the data (which you don’t require frequently) from your system. Now delete the data and you will get a good amount of space on the system. If you can’t use an external hard disk or SSD then try removing the unnecessary files. Open the computer and check all the folders. If you have saved movies or HD videos etc on the system then delete them. These files are very large and deleting these files will provide you good space. After removing all those files; go to the Norton setup and try to install it on your system.

Clean out your junk

Some of your junk files can interrupt your Norton antivirus setup. When the Norton installation process is getting interrupted; check for the junk. If the system has accumulated a large amount of junk then remove it. Go to the Windows run bar and then type cleanmgr. Run the clean manager command and it will find out all the junk on the system. Now check the junk items list. Choose the files you want to delete (also check the temp files box) and select the OK button. The cleaner will delete all the files simultaneously. Restart the system and try reinstalling Norton’s antivirus.

Uninstall previous security software

An installation error can occur when you have a security program and now you are installing a new setup. When you purchase Norton setup; check for other antivirus or security software. If you have any expired or freeware antivirus; uninstall it. Even if you have an expired Norton setup then remove it before installing the upgraded Norton plan. Open the programs and uninstall all the antivirus and other security programs. Now do the downloads and click on Norton setup for installation.

Update your Operating System

Users must update the OS of the system to the latest version. When the Operating System is not up-to-date; the user may face issues while installing new programs on the system. If Norton is not installed on your PC; open the security page. Tap the update button. Restart the system after updating and now again try the installation.

Remove the third-party software

Your third-party software such as free games or editing programs can also show issues with Norton antivirus. These programs carry malware that starts corrupting the files on your system. When you try to install any antivirus; they start interrupting the process. Remove all the unreliable programs from the system. Now install Norton antivirus and click on the Norton icon from the dashboard. Tap the scan button and remove all the malware instantly.

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