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Free Furniture & housing program for low-income people in the US

In order to provide low-income people with decent housing, the housing rental program was created, which can include single-family houses, a group of similar houses and/or apartments.

In our “Social Support” tool you will find the Housing card “Section 8: Housing Choice Voucher” known in English, with all the necessary information so that you know the requirements and can start your process.

This program is the federal government’s primary program for assisting very low-income, elderly, and disabled families to purchase decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market. Since housing assistance is provided on behalf of the family or individual, participants can search for their own housing, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. In our “Housing” card you can find the guide to participate in this program as well as the benefits that it Government grants you.

Ways to get 100% free furniture for your home


    I know a lot of people blog these days, which is why I put this tip first on the list. If you have a blog with an engaged audience, then you might have some product review opportunities. Reach out to a few of your favorite furniture companies and see if they’d mind sending you a free piece of furniture in exchange for a thorough blog review and beautiful pictures of its use.


    Nobody really likes to beg their parents or relatives for things. But, when times get tough, sometimes it’s the best option. See if your parents or relatives have furniture they don’t really need, or maybe some they were already considering giving away.


    Your friends may also have just what you need, so there’s no harm in asking. The next time you see them, see if they can have something extra that you need. Or, post a status on Facebook to let your friends know what you’re looking for to see if you have any bites.


    Asking your friends almost always ends in a response like, I don’t have one of those, but I’ll see if anyone else does! That’s why not being too shy to ask for something you need can really help. If you put a Facebook status on the furniture you need, be sure to share it. Chances are your friends, even if they don’t have what you need, will be more than happy to share your status to find someone who can help you.


    You might even get lucky if you ask someone you know if you can borrow an extra bed, couch, or desk that they have in a rarely used guest room. See if you can borrow it for a couple of months until you can save up for a new one. You might even get lucky and be able to keep it once your friend or family member realizes how little they needed it.


    Most newspapers have a classifieds section which is perfect for finding gifts. In fact, most classifieds sections have a section dedicated exclusively to gifts from the community. People place these ads mostly for furniture and appliances that they may not be able to move or ship easily, hoping someone can quickly take it away from them.

These are the some of the easiest way to get free furniture and furniture Vouchers for low income families. If you also belong to any of the category you can apply for these free assistance.

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