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The crucial part about traveling is to book flights and make hotel bookings. It is the part that involves a lot of money and should be done with utmost care to avoid confusion and disappointments. Almost everyone makes these bookings online through the UPI payment apps as it offers discounts and cashback, helping you save a lot of money. There are countless apps available that help with travel bookings and some are even specifically for flights and hotel options. You can use any of these apps after checking the perks you are getting and saving on your travel package. 

If you are an ardent traveler, opting for a platform like Fave App is fruitful. You can get the best deals on flights and hotel bookings, and the overall cashback you get on your final payment gives additional benefits. Let us discuss how these apps help get rewards on travel bookings. 

Tips to save money on booking deals

Plan in Advance

It would help if you tried to plan your travel a little bit in advance to get a chance to save money. The last-minute bookings are comparatively expensive, and as you are running short of time, you wouldn’t even bother checking any deals or discounts. Moreover, you have enough time to wait for the deals when you plan in advance. The apps often announce huge discounts during the holiday season and special occasions. If you have time, you can make bookings during this time to save a significant amount.

Sign up for alerts

Another way to get rewards on your travel deals is to sign up for alerts from the app. You will get notified whenever there is an attractive deal for your preferred travel location. Following these alerts, you can book your travel tickets and save a lot of money. People who travel often can also sign up for email alerts. This way, they get notified about any deals that can prove helpful for them while booking their next flight or hotel stay.  

Travel Off-Season

If you can choose the time to travel, opt for the off-season when people don’t travel much. During this time, the flights will be cheaper, and the hotels will also offer significant discounts. Moreover, you get to experience the location better with fewer crowds and the least commercialization. Browse to know the offseason for your preferred travel location, and then switch to the UPI payment apps to look for travel deals during that time. You will be amazed to see the difference in price between the peak and off-season. 

Shop More

If you are using the platforms like the Fave app for your travel bookings, it is advisable to use the app more often. Shop your regular commodities on it, order food, shop for pharmacy orders, and do a lot more on it. When you engage through the app, you become their regular user and get entitled to win more cashback rewards. The best part about Fave Pay is that it offers cashback for every purchase you make through the app. Thus, you can keep shopping and paying through it to earn more and more rewards. So keep saving these points and use them while booking travel deals.  

Travel in Group

Another effective way to earn a better reward point through the UPI apps is to travel in groups! Take your friends or family along; it will turn your travel into a fun experience. Moreover, you also get profitable deals for bulk bookings. For example, the discount on multiple flight bookings is way more than what you get for a single ticket. However, if you are travelling for work, and cannot take anyone along, prefer booking a 2-way journey ticket to get great discounts.

With these simple yet effective tips, you can save considerably on your travel packages and still enjoy all the perks you expect. Choose the app carefully after checking all the details and market reputation of the platform. You can read the reviews left by other users to get a clear idea about app efficiency and ensure that it would stand tall on your expectations. It is vital to take the virtual tour of the app before starting to use it for hotel and flight bookings. Use it more often, and you can save big!

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