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Grow Your Business with the Professional SEO Agency in Kolkata: SEOcontrol

Are you going to start a new business or struggling with your business? Then you must hire an SEO Agency in Kolkata. Companies like SEOcontrol will help your website increase its visibility, user traffic, conversion rate, direct leads and many more.

How Does SEO Work in Digital Marketing?

You must know that digital marketing is a vast technique of marketing. It includes various marketing tact. It is used to promote a brand, product, service through digital technology.  If you want to be a part of this new marketing trend, it is necessary to keep your website rank higher and visible. Here, Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a crucial role. SEO is the art of engaging more traffic toward a website through several techniques and strategies.

  • On-page SEO: It includes activities like well-written content, keyword placement, effective Meta tags and Meta description, catchy title. Thus on-page SEO optimizes the features of a website by updating title tags, meta description, header tags for search engines, auditing your website’s information architecture, creating a sitemap, optimizing site images, optimizing your website with keyword research, analyzing the usability, speed and design of your website. These factors are responsible for making your website friendly to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Off-page SEO: It refers to optimizing various factors outside your websites like link building and website promotion. These are also very important for your website to rank good.  A professional SEO expert of a reputed SEO agency knows how to link a built with a trusted and well-known site. 
  • Black hat SEO: Black hat SEO strategy helps to gain a quick reputation. This strategy includes keyword stuffing, link scraping. It is an effective strategy for promoting a new business.
  •  White hat SEO: It is the body of approved SEO tactics. It is designed to increase the position of a website on a search engine result page. It appears as a result of approved methods rather than payment or any tactics. 

What Should You Expect from an SEO Agency?

Hiring a professional SEO agency is the first important step to growing your business through a digital marketing platform. 

    • Quality Content: The first thing an SEO agency does is learn about your business goal and target audience. Then they deliver content with the right context that will engage your target audience.
    • Audit Your Current Website: A good SEO agency audits your current website. 
  • Identifying Competitive Edges & Content Gaps: A good SEO agency will help you improve your website and peep into your competitors’ sites to make the best strategy for your business.

How to Choose the Best SEO Agency?

Although hiring an SEO agency is a long-term investment, it can be the key to your business growth. But choosing the right SEO agency is not an easy task. Here are some tips for choosing the best SEO agency for you.

  • Realistic Offerings: Choose an SEO agency that offers realistic results. SEO is not a thing to be guaranteed as the search algorithms are beyond the control of an agency. Any promises for overnight rankings can be a sign of a red flag.
  •  Look at the Specialties & Services: While choosing an SEO company, look at the services they offer and see if they specialize in any industry or service zone. If it matches your need, then you can choose the company.
  • Look at the Awards & Certification: While choosing an SEO company, you must look at their awards and certifications to prove their expertise.
  • Check References & Reviews: You can look at the website of the SEO Company to know about the reviews and the records of that company. 
  • Experience: It is a good idea to look at the experience of the agency. It means how long they have been in this field.

Grow Your Business with an SEO agency: 

Whether you own a small business or a big one, hire an SEO agency that will help you dominate Google search results without violating any rules.


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