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Fundamental Guide About Best Phone Spy App For Parents

Parents try different types of solutions to control their kid’s mobile time. Some switch off the wi-fi, but it turns out more frustrating for parents themselves. Some change their wi-fi passwords to see whether their kids are studying properly or not. The same goes for the employers. But they cannot inspect their employees all the time through their working hours.

The introduction of spy apps is a blessing for the parents to watch their kids properly because every kid is tech-savvy today. Smartphones are the favorites of the techie generation who is so much into gadgets, that sometimes they even spend limitless hours on them and waste their precious time. They do text messages, calls, internet browsing, online gaming, and much more. So, it has become necessary to monitor them, control their screen time and keep a strict eye on their activities. But how this will happen? The answer is through the best phone spy apps.

Let’s Discuss Some Best Parental Control Apps In Detail.


OgyMogy Cell Phone Spy App

Besides all the mentioned apps this one is one of the best cell phone spy app as reviewed by the parents. It has a bunch of outstanding features.

  • It offers an amazing keylogger to know about each move of your child.
  • An advanced location tracker to track your kid in case of any emergency.
  • A call logger to listen to every incoming and outgoing call live and know about stranger’s wrong intentions.
  • You can spy your child’s emails to see if anyone is sending them fake offers to grab money from them.
  • You can record the live screen activities of you kid and see how they use their time either in doing productive activities or just wasting their time and money.
  • It can spy on all the text message conversations of the targeted device. You can check if your kid is talking to any stranger or if they are talking vulgar or blackmailing your kid you can report them directly.
  • You can check if someone is bullying them online as 51% of college-going teens go through this.
  • Through this fabulous software, you can block certain websites that offer pornography and other inappropriate stuff that is not good for your kids.

Norton Family

  • Through this amazing software, parents can see what their child is searching on the internet.
  • Inappropriate sites can be blocked.
  • The screen time limit can be set.
  • Through school time feature, homeschooling has become easy in the difficult time of the COVID-19.


  • You can easily analyze the website content.
  • Proper screen time can be set for the kids so that they don’t waste their precious time.

Children these days are aggressive, frustrate, and always in rush due to the overuse of the internet and social media. So, they need to be controlled and monitored to prevent any future damage. Several apps provide a bunch of good features but TheOneSpy is one of the best phone spy app for android that will not only keep you updated about the whole day activity of your kid but is also user friendly and has the best customer support system. Then what are you waiting for dear parents? Go and get it installed on your iPhone and Androids and forget all your worries.

Spy Trac

  • It can record SMS conversations, audio and video call, and social media apps.
  • GPS tracking system is also available.


  • You can check your little darling messages, group conversations, and browsing history.
  • You can see on your screen whatever they are searching for.
  • Pictures and videos shared by them on any social app will be in your knowledge now.


  • Tracking of SMS, calls, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp conversations, audio, and video can be detected through this software.


  • Get their real-time location.
  • Go through their messages, calls, and social media apps.
  • Track their browsing history and app usage.


  • Blocking of websites can be done.
  • You can easily have a record of the social media activities of your kid.
  • Screen time can be set on your kid’s device.


  • Advanced location tracking can be done.
  • It has modern geofencing features.
  • Monitor calls and text messages.


  • It has a very good and up-to-date location tracker.
  • Filters and block websites.
  • It uses a specific feature to detect nudity and porn stuff on your kid’s mobile.

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