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Best Hair Treatments for Hereditary Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common condition that occurs with age normally. Well, many individuals would not want to accept it because it causes a loss of confidence in people. According to experts, 5 out of 10 people suffer from hair loss hereditary. Yes, genetics cause loss of hairs among males and females with pattern baldness. It can affect your hairline up to the middle on the top of the head. Now, you might think about how to identify if you have genetic hair loss. It is really simple to identify when you only have hair loss on the top site of the head. In men, this hair loss is more common and visible than in women. But, if you experience hair loss from the back and sides of the head, then it might be due to some medicinal reasons.

Is there any treatment for hereditary hair loss?

Well, the problem of androgenetic alopecia cannot be reversed to a significant extent. It could begin at an early age that will increase with time. You can experience loss of hairs from the temples of your head and might experience hair thinning. However, there are some options that could help to slow down the process of hair loss. There are certain medications and other treatments available that can work for you commendably.


In order to lower the impact of hair loss hereditary, Minoxidil can offer you certain advantages. It is an effective medicine that is also known as Rogaine. You can use it as a topical to your scalp where hair loss occurs. When you apply it to the scalp, it will increase blood circulation. This could help the follicles to become strong and thick. This treatment is viable for both males and females and can show results in 4 to 8 weeks. But, it could be uncomfortable as medicine could cause scalp irritation and redness. So, it needs caution for regular use.


It is an effective pill that can derive expected outcomes to prevent hereditary hair loss. You can take this medicine orally, and the prescription dose is one pill a day. It can work to prevent the hair follicles from becoming weak by preventing testosterone from converting into DHC. Finasteride is an FDA-approved medicine that can offer wonderful benefits for male-pattern baldness. But, as a side effect, it could harm sexual dysfunction by declining libido.

Hair transplants

You can also consider a hair transplant to recover loss of hair due to genetics. FUE and FUT are smart techniques that can work great in this context. You can get maximum benefits from Fue and Fut hair treatments.

To sum up

Hereditary hair loss has nothing to relate to disease. It is a normal process that will not affect your health. But, it could only alter your physical appearance. So, these are some useful treatments that you can consider for this condition. You can consult with a hair surgeon to get the right advice for the treatment. It would work well to make an informed decision. 

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