How Good is Philippines for Study MBBS

Hello, Do you also want to know how good is Philippines for studying MBBS? Then stay connected with us. Today, we will try to solve all your queries regarding your Philippines for Study MBBS in Philippines.

The Philippines is also known as the Republic of Philippines is an archipelagic island of Southeast Asia located in the Pacific Ocean.. Manila is the capital of the country and Quezon City is the most populous city. The country consists of 7,107 islands and is located on the western coast of the Pacific Ring of fire. Its coastline is considered the fifth largest coastline in the world.

Now let’s discuss about the important things you should know before making your final decision:-

1. Duration

The total duration to study Philippines for Study MBBS MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is 5.8 years including internship and the internship of Philippines is valid in India as per the latest MCI notice. As we know Philippines for Study MBBS MBBS in India is 5.5, MBBS in Philippines is 5.8 which is very similar to India. So while Choosing MBBS from Philippines you save on your time as well.The whole duration of 5.8 is divided as below:

18 Months – BS course.

4 years MD Course – 3 years course + 1 year internship (which is valid in India).

2. Fees

MBBS in Philippines fees for Indian students is very affordable and pocket friendly, you need a total of nearly 26 lakhs INR for the complete duration of course.
MBBS in Philippines cost is divided into very easy semester wise payable system which gets you some time between the payments.

3. Language

Philippines has two official languages, one is Filipino and the other is English. So its very easy for students to adjust because they do not face any language issue. Also the medium of education is English. The Faculty members, local people and patients all speak good English making the life of student easy in Philippines. All the official markings are done in both Filipino and English language. Friends can easily understand and communicate with the locals as well as their instructors.

4. MCI Passing Ratio:

Whenever we choose for MBBS Abroad, For more than 90 percent students the ultimate goal is to work in India and settle in India. So MCI Passing Ratio plays an important role after Philippines for Study MBBS in Philippines. So choosing an option with high MCI Passing ratio can help you get a better future. Philippines University has the highest FMGE screening test passing percentage i e,50.20%.

5. Climate

Philippines has exactly same climate as of India, for the students who do not want to go to a cold country, Philippines is an option for you. Its tropical region and hence have almost same climate round the year.The temperatures usually vary from 21 °C (70 °F) to 32 °C (90 °F) with January being the coolest and May being the warmest months of the year. Students can easily adjust in the climate of Philippines.

6. Diseases

As Philippines have same climatic conditions as that of India, the diseases are also same. So whatever diseases you practice on in Philippines, you get to see the same diseases in India which helps you.

7. Safety

Safety is the first thing which comes in mind whenever we search for any country or university for education. But, Phillipines is a safe country to live and study. Environment is also good and student friendly .Phillipines is a country where females are more dominated than males.It means,It is also a very safe country for girls to study and practice Medicine.Both boys and girls can pursue their MBBS from Philippines.Philippines holds the highest literacy rate 94% in Asia! That means the majority of people in Philippines are educated class.


There are lot of misconceptions around NMAT exam. Some says you cannot go for MD course if you fail in NMAT exam, some says when you choose Philippines you just get BS course and never get promoted to MD says. Some says NMAT is very difficult to crackLet me tell you the truth. When you choose to study MBBS in Philippines, during or after your BS course you just need to appear in NMAT exam, I am writing it again you just need to appear in NMAT exam, you need not to qualify or score very high. For foreign students just appearance in NMAT exam is enough. Many people may misguide you on this. Just appearing in NMAT is enough to secure your place in MD course.In case you score good or high in NMAT we get you the scholarships from the college/university.

9. Foods

If you are someone who can not live without Indian foods,then you can definately choose Philippines universities. You can easily get Indian foods. Indian mens are available everywhere in Philippines.

10. Globally Recognised Universities

Above all else, Philippines medical universities are also recognised by WHO(world health organization),United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), ,FAIMER, National medical comission(NMC) and world federation for medical education. what can be more good than getting MBBS degree from a highly recognised university at affordable fee.

11. Well developed infrastructure

Philippines is a developed country. The infrastructure is well developed, Hostels are well equipped with CCTV cameras and 24 * 7 guards.Philippines has innovative and modern technology in medical science.

12. Universities of Philippines

Lyceum Northwestern University,Davao Medical School Foundation,UV Gullas College of Medicine,University of Perpetual Help Rizal,Emilio Aguinaldo College – School of Medicine are the top Medical universities for MBBS in Philippines. According to our research,we suggest The best option to choose for MBBS in Philippines is UV Gullas college of Medicine. Cebu. UV has completed 100 years of trust since 1919. You get all the facilities and best of everything in very affordable budget.If you are worried as to how to get admission in MBBS in Philippines, at pulse education ,we are there to help you.

13. Greater opportunities to practice medicine

The MD in Philippines is recognized and approved as an equivalent course to the MBBS by the MCI (Medical Council of India). Who has established and maintain uniform standards of medical education. Listed on the 12th as the most populous country in the world, hence you will have greater opportunity to practice with a varied and large number of patients.


Philippines is a growing economy in the world with its great and innovative advancements in medical science. It is becoming a hub for international students to pursue their medical studies. Every year hundreds of are going to complete their MBBS in Philippines. There was a time when medical students were why choosing China, UK, Russia and other countries for their medical studies. But Now ,Philippines is becoming more popular due to better opportunities available

Hope you find above information helpful for you. If you are searching for the best education Consultant for you to help you and getting MBBS abroad education, you can definitely contact with Pulse Education. Thank you for reading us.

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