How much does a private pilot licensing cost in India?

Obtaining a commercial or a private pilot license in India is an extensive and costly process. 

Be it from a small town in India or a big city, pilot training to obtain a private pilot license costs a lot.  

Flying schools are very expensive; therefore, students aspiring to become a pilot need to take a loan or get financial assistance from their parents.

 Many aviation training institutes and flying schools offer subsidies or scholarships to students so that getting trained for a private pilot license in India and bearing their cost does not get cumbersome.  

But before you decide to shell out money or obtain a loan for getting trained to obtain a private pilot license in India, you have to clear certain procedures and formalities

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Budget obtaining for pilot

Enrolling in a flying school to get a private pilot license in India requires a huge budget.  

It approximately costs about Rs 25 lakhs to 32 lakhs. Premium flying schools in India are more expensive, and the fees can extend up to Rs 60 to 90 lakhs. 

This helps them to get a job under the training airline. The price of such a training programme is around Rs 1 to 2 crores. 

Students who want to get trained abroad can get a private pilot license and commercial pilot license within two years. But they have to bear the double cost of training and living in a foreign country. 

Students also need to keep aside an extra corpus of money to buy books and training gear. They also require that surplus money if they have to retake training examinations. 

The cost to get trained for a private pilot license or a commercial pilot license in India is a lot as students need to fulfil the required number of flying hours during their pilot training course. 

 Reduce the cost of getting trained for a private pilot license

The best way to reduce the pilot training cost to get a private pilot license in India will be by starting early. 

The more you delay the commencement of the course, the cost of training will inflate every year.  

the books needed and spoiling the training gear as they are also expensive. 

One cannot start their pilot training on a tight budget; hence it is better to take an education loan.  

If students have high marks in their grade 12 examinations.  State or national toppers, banks provide the loan at a lower interest rate. 

Students can get a co-signer to speed up the process of loan approval. 

They can seamlessly focus on their training and become an excellent pilot. 

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Deserving category students

At Hercules Aviation, we understand the aspiration of students; hence, we are offering a scholarship program for deserving students through the Sunil Agnihotri Memorial Scholarship for Ground Training of rupees thirty lakhs divided across twenty high achieving students.

Both scholarships are after brave officers of the Indian Defense Forces who gave a lot for our country.

Through these scholarships, Hercules Aviation Training School is not only continuing its legacy but also creating equal opportunities for every Indian who wants to become a pilot. 

Interested applicants have to clear an examination that evaluates their cognitive, psychometric, and aptitude 

Following this, a final interview round takes place for candidates who have cleared the written examination round.

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