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How Outsourcing your Power Mobility Device Billing from Sunknowledge Can help with Better ROI

Power Mobility Device Billing

Today reducing the overall operational cost is the top priority of every healthcare provider. In fact, the majority of providers are looking to reduce their operational cost and opting for the outsourcing option. As being a better and alternative solution, outsourcing not only ensures profitable ROI but also a seamless billing operation at a cost effective rate.

Further outsourcing medical billing you additionally eliminate the additional expenses as well like – the training process of billers and coders, employee wages, perks, software installation fee etc. In fact, according to a recent survey, 76 percent of healthcare providers have stated been comfortable in opting out of outsourcing their billing operation rather than hiring a team of expensive billers especially today when labor shortage is a constant problem.


Decreasing inefficiencies of healthcare practice, outsourcing today is known for helping practices concentrate more on patient care management. With experienced professionals working continuously to improve your billing operation, outsourced RCM maintains a separate team particularly taking care of claims ensuring it is accurately and timely submitted. Reducing the rate of denial and all your billing and coding errors, they are known for maximizing reimbursements. 

The Sunknowledge benefits:

Saving you from maintaining billing software and spending thousands of dollars in billers and coders salaries, their training sessions and other benefits Sunknowledge Services Inc provides you with customized solutions for all your power mobility device billing needs. Working on each of your claims carefully, we eradicate all the billing interruptions while ensuring a continuous cash flow for all our clients. Moreover, we are known for improving the bottom line for many leading names along with productivity metrics, efficiency, and employee morale.

Being proficient in working on different billing software, we guarantee an operational cost reduction of 80%, a 30% reduction in your AR bucket and the highest first pass collection rate.

So if you are looking to stay in business for a longer time, we are here to provide you with professional help while maintaining a competitive advantage. Taking care of your complete billing responsibility, we are a one stop destination offering a complete operational transparency following every HIPAA rule and guideline.

Looking for more information, get in touch with us and we can help you streamline your power mobility devices billing.

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