How to Choose a Pair of Good Headphones?

There are two ways to evaluate a pair of headphones! The first is to consider all those technical parameters that provide you with objective information on performance and sound rendering. The second is to evaluate whether a particular model respects all the generic parameters that are usually sought in these devices.

In this article, to help you answer the question “what do good headphones do?” we will consider both aspects. With the following information, if you need to buy a new pair, you will know how to choose. Read to the end!

Technical characteristics to be evaluated to recognize good headphones

Audiophiles and industry professionals can determine the quality of headphones by evaluating some technical data such as:

  • Supported data transmission, i.e. the number of kilobits transmitted per second: the higher this value, the higher the sound quality made by the headphones.
  • Frequency range: It is a value that only experts will pay attention to, as each pair of headphones is within the human hearing range of 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Impedance: It must be related to the power of the device (smartphone, music player, PC, etc.): those with low impedance can be used with common devices. Those with high impedance need more powerful devices or an amplifier.
Other parameters are:
  • The SNR signal/noise ratio;
  • SFDR Dynamic Range;
  • The SINAD distortion ratio;
  • The percentage of total harmonic distortion (% THD).

As you have seen, these are relatively complex technicalities that non-experts are unable to assess. If you also have no idea what all those numbers and strange symbols on the datasheets are, the following paragraph is for you.

What good headphones should do for the average user

For most laymen and amateur users, good headphones must:

  • Make excellent sound quality

The music you listen to must be crisp, clear, and clean. You don’t want to hear a faint, distorted, and possibly disturbing sound, right?

  • Have powerful bass

Bass is essential for most listeners. They are the ones who make the music vibrate in the body. They need to hear clearly, but without overwhelming the rest.

  • Isolate outside noise

If you listen to music on a train or in very noisy places, you might turn the volume up to the maximum and continue to hear that clatter. The best headphones have noise reduction or total cancellation systems. They are more expensive but worth it.

  • Last for a long time

If you don’t want them to spoil within a few months, you need to buy headphones from reputable brands known for their quality such as Soundcore, JBL, Sony and so on. So you will be able to take your headphone with you wherever you go without having to worry about them getting damaged.

  • Meet your needs

There are so many other features that you should evaluate according to your needs. If, for example, you love listening to music and playing video games, you could opt for a gaming model. If you want a pair of headphones for workout, you may prefer a wireless model to a wired one. The budget can also be a criterion of choice.


Now you can determine for yourself what good headphones do, in relation to your needs. You have some technical parameters that you can deepen if you want to evaluate a model objectively. If, on the other hand, you want to know more about its sound quality, bass power, materials, etc., just read the opinions of those who have already tried that particular model. There you will also find expert reviews that will help you understand the technical part.

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