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How To Choose The Best Products For Amazon FBA?

Selling the products on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is quite profitable. Amazon’s FBA allows you to store the products in their fulfillment center. And when you have any sales, they just pick, pack and ship the products for you. Unlike other products, this model will help in scaling up your business. FBA goes for a massive amount of fees and a strict list of guidelines with that the sellers must stick to. It’s always tricky to find a product that attaches to the development and yields you the profit. But, if you adopt the following tips as part of the business model, you can save time and see the business grow.


There are a few products that are best for Amazon FBA, and they are:

  • Target Impulse Buys
  • Best Seller Rank
  • High Product Value

Target Impulse Buys

It is always there that some of the sellers want to sell their items over the price of $100, which is not a great plan to stick to. It has always been that Customers believe the things for that price are an investment. They keep on spending time researching for your company, debating the purchase with their friends or spouses, and reading the reviews. And in between this time, they look for the product, and when they go to buy it, it leads the customer to doubt. Thus, these products are less likely to get sold. But, if we see that the items are under $100, they are perfect for impulse customers. A large number of people justify a $25 or $49 purchase. So they spend less time on researching and therefore are more likely to check out any product present in their cart.

Best Seller Rank

When you try to find the best or perfect product to sell, Amazon has some tools to help you out. Amazon’s best seller rank is an ideal system that will help find out what is getting sold well on the site. The BSR items are based on how well the items in a category and subcategory are sold off. A general rule states that you should only try to sell products that are within the top 5000 BSR and are getting sold multiple units per day. So if you are investing in FBA, you need to ensure that your products are moving.

High Product Value

When you are going to pick up the best or perfect product to sell it off, it is recommended to you to choose an item you can write if necessary. There are chances that one customer will return the product, and you don’t, as a seller, don’t want to lose out big time if the product gets damaged. So it will be better if you choose a product between the price rate of $10- $100 in price. Thus, the profit you were to get on the product should be half of its face value. This will ensure that you don’t go bankrupt over the damaged and returned products.


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