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Solar panels are used to obtain solar energy from the sun, but a particular function is essential during this process which is often ignored. And that is the cleaning of the solar panels, which is very important, and if you want your project to work well, then it is essential to repeat this process after a particular time.

Why is it so important to clean solar panels?

Solar panel cleaning has always been a sensitive topic for owners and warehouse keepers. There are people with two kinds of thinking, some of whom will tell you that it is necessary, but at the same time, others claim that rain alone is enough to solve any problem facing the panels.

But in my opinion, solar panels available on solar racking systems at roofs or grounds require proper cleaning after a particular time.

However, I think it is important to mention that there are some places on the height where the cleaning process of solar panels is not possible because it is not easy to access, and they are naturally cleaned from time to time. In general, dust, dirt, pollen and debris accumulated on solar panels significantly affect their performance and can reduce the performance of solar panels by approximately 5%.

Methods of cleaning solar panels:

Cleaning solar panels is not an easy task as there is always a risk of panels getting damaged during this cleaning process, and proper equipment and tools are also required for this cleaning project.

Use a hose for minimal dust build-up:

If your panels are not very filthy and mostly have only dust and dirt on them, you will probably need a simple hose to clean them, and I think that will be enough. You can use a garden water hose in this process, but measure it first and see if it can easily reach the panel.

And this process is not very difficult; all you have to do is spray it on the dirty panels using a hose and try to continue this process until the dust cleaned correctly.

Scrub them down for a more extensive mess:

If the dirt on your solar panels is not only dust and mud but also more and contains sticky substances such as bird droppings or adhesive plant material, you need to scrub well to clean them. Let me once again instruct you to be careful and avoid being hard during the cleaning process of solar panels.

And choose a soft scrubber or brush that won’t scratch or damage the solar panel. I would also like to suggest that you choose a very mild soap, which does not contain any chemicals that can damage the solar panels, instead of cleaning them.

Following the instructions below will be of great help to you in cleaning the solar panel;

  • First, fill a bucket with hot water; subsequently, add a minimal amount of mild soap
  • Rinse the solar panels with a low-pressure sprayer or with a hose
  • Try to use soapy water during the cleaning process of solar panels, and gently scrub them with the help of a scrubber
  • Rinse solar panels carefully to remove any unnecessary soapy water
  • Allow the solar panels to dry in the sun completely.

Final words:

Cleaning solar panels is essential to enhance their life and working capability. However, due to the installation of some solar panels on the height, it is impossible to clean them quickly, so we will leave them for naturally cleaning through rainy water.


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