4 Simple Tips On How to Decipher An Airbnb Review!

4 simple tips on how to decipher an Airbnb review & what the difference is between a good & bad review. As seniors traveling we are starting to use Airbnbs which we are loving but some of those guest reviews leave us scratching our heads on what they are trying to tell us?

Cost of living is a prime concern of seniors traveling on a budget & Airbnbs are instrumental in that you can shop knowing upfront the cost.  Although initially, we used extended stays for travel, we are enjoying the freedom of Airbnbs! You can see upfront the price so it makes ‘shopping’ for a location even easier. The problem I have with these rentals is not the rentals – but the guest reviews.

Two Types of Reviews

No matter what you are shopping for – whether it be for the weekend house, hotel, product, services, etc. a lot of us go straight to the reviews to see what other buyers thought about that product or service.  Did the review give a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Star rating? I want to know why!

  • The lazy man’s review may consist of one sentence – ‘it was nice’ or ‘it sucked’.

What was nice about the property? What sucked about the property? This type of review tells you nothing; and the second.

  •  The type of review is the more info the better.

What experience earned that product a 1 star or 5 Star from the reviewer? Was the reviewer concise in what was good or bad about the property? This is the Airbnb review I want to see – the one I NEED to see!

A helpful Airbnb review is so important!

The photos are gorgeous & the amenities look great. It offers everything you could ask for but did you ask the right questions before making that reservation? Do not be in a hurry to reserve that first Airbnb that catches your eye. An awesome stay or a stay from hell can balance on that guest reviews you are reading. So how do we know what the guest is saying without saying too much in his review? What is he saying or not saying? How do we know?

As we advance into our grand adventure of traveling for retirement we continue to pass to you our lessons learned. Without further ado, let’s check out how to decipher those Airbnb reviews.

4 Tips for Deciphering Those Airbnb Reviews

  • Was the Owner easily accessible?

For now, let’s just keep in mind that we are talking particularly about Airbnb guest reviews BUT these could easily be directed toward extended stays, hotels, house rentals, etc.

a] Was the Owner responsive to your questions?

b] Was the Owner quick to address/fix any issues if any?

  • Description of Neighborhood/Surrounding Property

What did the Reviewer say about the location of the rental? The bottom line, this is one of the most important issues. Be sure you know what type of neighborhood you will be in.

a] Was the neighborhood everything he thought it would be?

b] Watch for “up & coming neighborhood” wording. What’s up & coming about it? Construction? Heavy noisy traffic?

c] Was the neighborhood walkable?

d] Does the reviewer discuss the use of taxis & Ubers for transportation? Are they available?

e] Did the neighborhood reflect the price you paid? Busy? Quiet?  Dangerous? To anything?

  • Did the housing answer the Reviewers needs? 

a] Were ‘amenities provided’ accurate? Did it have everything as advertised, ie. towels, bedding, pots/pan, etc? Was everything in working order at check-in? A/C & Heat if applicable. Good water pressure?

b] Any issues with cleanliness? On this point let’s get a little picky shall we?

Was the kitchen sparkling ready to be used?  Any signs of pest?  Is the water pressure good or bad?

Furniture is as good or better shape than photos online?

  • WiFi 

Any issues? If so, what?

Good Airbnb review…

should give you an OVERALL ‘feel’ of the property & his stay.  If you still have questions, you can send an email to the Owner with your questions. I have found them to be very open in their responses.

Bottom line, you should enjoy your temporary home whether it is for a day, week, month – you just need to know how to decipher the reviews. These reviews can help you the consumer select your next ‘home’ away from home. It can also be used by the Owner to be sure his property stays up to date with what the consumer is looking for as well as allowing the Owner to toot their horn over a great review!

A good clear review is a win-win for consumers & owners!

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