How to disable auto-renewal antivirus service on PC?

Avast is well-known security software. Most of the users prefer Avast antivirus over other security programs as it offers more security tools at better prices. Avast also has free plans for the users. For basic tools, you can install the Avast free antivirus from the internet.

When you want to access more tools then upgrade the plan to premium. You can purchase the license for your program whenever you require. In case, you want to use the security program for a long time then enable the auto-renewal feature. When the program is about to expire, this feature will renew it automatically.

Using the auto-renewal on Avast will ensure that your device is always under Avast protection service. But when your auto-renewal is enabled but you don’t need the license anymore the disable it. If you don’t then the plan will renew and the sum will be deducted from your bank account automatically.

Disabling Avast auto-renewal before the license expiry

When you are in doubt whether you need the Avast plan or not then disable auto-renewal. For extending the service; renew the license manually. Disabling the auto-renewal assures that the license won’t renew without your permission. Users can cancel the license of their Avast antivirus by using the account.

  • Open the browser and go of Avast
  • Click on the Sign-in button
  • Type the username and password
  • When the Account page appears; click on the subscription page
  • Choose the Avast license
  • Scroll down the page and hit on Unsubscribe button
  • You will get the confirm screen
  • Choose Confirm button and select Got It option

When the Avast license expires, the user gets the message on the email. After cancellation, the status of the subscription will change and it shows an expiring message. You will get the date of your license expiry. When the Avast antivirus license expires; you can still access its free features or renew it manually.

How to disable automatic renewal Avast on an Android phone?

For Android devices, people mostly prefer Avast antivirus as it offers advanced features for mobile and data security. You can also purchase the premium Avast antivirus for Android devices. You can purchase an Avast subscription for Android from an Avast account or the Google Play Store. When you get the Avast from the Play store then use it for cancelling the license.

  1. Open your phone and tap on Play Store
  2. Click on the profile tab
  3. Open the same email which you used during license purchase
  4. Go to the Payments and Subscriptions option
  5. Tap on the Subscription option
  6. Go to the last and select Cancel
  7. Click on the No Thanks on the Pause Payments option

Choose a reason and then hit on the Continue button and tap on the Cancel subscription option. Open Avast antivirus and go to subscription. Check the expiry date of your current Avast license. Use the Avast premium tool until you have the remaining days and then switch to the free Avast plan.

Disable Avast antivirus on App Store

Avast provides SecureLine VPN and various other paid security tools for iOS devices. When you are a user of Avast antivirus but now you want to disable it then use the App Store. Users will need the same Apple ID he used for purchasing an Avast license.

  • Open your iPhone and tap on App Store
  • Click on the Profile page and check the Apple Id
  • Select the Subscription option and search for Avast
  • Choose the program and tap on Cancel Subscription
  • Hit the Confirm button to cancel the subscription

After disabling the subscription; you can use the program until the Avast license expires. After the expiry, the user can renew his program manually. You can also renew the license before the expiry. The new license will start only when the previous one expires. When a user faces any issues regarding the Avast license then he can ask the technical team for help.

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