How To Improve Website Performance With Serverwala Dedicated Server in India?

Everyone knows that “First Impression is the Last Impression”, So you have to take care of your first impression. Nowadays, internet penetration is growing tremendously. Every customer first researches on Google then buys a product. So, your website is the first impression of your business, You have to take care of your business website. This means, your website speed and performance is better to increase your customer satisfaction rate. If your website loads fastly and is secured with SSL, customer retention increases automatically. According to the Founder of Amazon, Mr. Jeff Bezoz said that, if your website loads time is more than 3sec then it means you lose your potential customer.

Investing in the best web hosting helps you to achieve these goals. But finding the most reliable web hosting in India is not an easy task. Most successful business owners consider Dedicated Server in India to be the most reliable and scalable server from Serverwala Cloud Data Center.

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the leading company in web hosting offering a variety of servers and their complete focus on client’s growth and satisfaction. However, More about Serverwala will be explained in this article.

Hence, in this article, I will give you a complete guide to improving your website performance by Serverwala’s India Dedicated Server.

Introduction To Dedicated Server?

India dedicated server is one of the best web servers that allows keeping your server resources independently without disturbing other websites. This web hopsting is perfect to secure your backend database because you can’t share your server with anyone.

Moreover, You can customize your dedicated server without any restriction. So if you have high volume traffic and want to expand your business then a Serverwala dedicated server in India is the best option for you. 

Hence, Serverwala Cloud Data Center offers high performing dedicated server that helps to improve your website speed and performance.

Types of Dedicated Server India?

Serverwala Cloud Data Center offers a variety of Dedicated Servers that are specially designed for client’s needs. Let’s understand different types of Dedicated Server :

  • Cheap Dedicated Server

Most of the clients need a dedicated server for better reliability and performance than shared hosting and VPS hosting. This web hosting is widely used by startups, mid-sized businesses, and developers. You can purchase this dedicated server at a very affordable rate from Serverwala Cloud Data Center. Although, other hosting is less expensive but it is value for money.

  • Standard Dedicated Server 

Standard Dedicated Server in India is slightly expensive than cheap dedicated server. They provide more high-performance and get highly secured environments. This server is best for startups who launch their applications and small to mid-sized businesses.

  • Enterprise Dedicated Server

Enterprise Dedicated Server is for all businesses with small market valuations for million dollar valuation businesses. In this web hosting, the hardware is almost same but provides the latest technology. This web hosting is suitable for those who have high revenue and drive huge amount of traffic to their website.

  • Managed Dedicated Server

Serverwala has a highly experienced technical team that manages your dedicated server on your behalf. You can concentrate on your business development and your server is fully managed by your web hosting provider.

  • Unmanaged Dedicated Server

An unmanaged dedicated server allows you to customize or manage your server on your own. You can design your server as per your business obligations. This is so beneficial for scaling up or scaling down your server requirements.

Benefits of Using a Cheap Dedicated Server India?

There are a lot of benefits of using the Best Dedicated Server India that you provide tremendous growth in your business. Moreover, it helps to increases your profitability of your business.

  • High Performance 

With a dedicated server, You will increase the productivity of your website and hold a huge amount of traffic at a time with high efficiency. 

  • Enhanced Security

Since, you are the sole owner of your server, you are solely responsible for your security and privacy. You are free to make your server highly secure.

  • Highly Scalable And Flexible

A dedicated server grants you to scale your server resources when your website needs them. Therefore, dedicated server hosting has high demand in large organizations.

  • Unique IP Address

The biggest advantage of a dedicated server is to get a unique IP address. It means that you can’t share your server with anyone.

  • Root Access

Your web hosting provider provides you with complete or full access to your server. You can customize or manage your dedicated server as per your business needs.

Why Serverwala’s Dedicated Server is Profitable in India?

Serverwala is the most trustable brand that offers high performing dedicated servers with best-in-class services. They are widely spread in 21+ countries and handle 1M client’s requested. They have their own 56+ datacenter worldwide. 

Top Benefits of Serverwala Dedicated Server :

  1. 99.9% Network Uptime
  2. SSD Disk Storage
  3. 24/7 Technical Support
  4. Premium Bandwidth
  5. Hardware RAID

Hence, If you are looking for the most trustable brand for your dedicated server in India then I would like to suggest that you must invest in Serverwala dedicated server.

Check It Out Their Affordable Pricing & Packages Serverwala’s Indian Dedicated Server

Serverwala’s dedicated server is the most affordable server among all web hosting providers. Therefore, They give multiple packages for ease of purchasing, Select your most required package for your business.

dedicated server in India


A Dedicated Server is the most important asset for your business. Your website performance matters a lot to your business revenue. Invest in Serverwala Dedicated Server in India and get a surely high return on investments.

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