How to Package Products for Shipping: 4 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Preparing Your Products for Shipment

Kraft Packaging

When you ship products, it can be hard to pack them well. This is because packing and shipping products is a lot of work and time-consuming. It can also cost a lot of money. You want to make sure that you pack your product correctly so that it arrives safely and isn’t broken or lost in the mail. The mistakes sometimes make the process even more complicated.

When you are putting your product in a kraft box, think about how big it needs to be. If the box is too big, then there will be empty space on the top, bottom and sides. For example, if your products are fragile items like glass or anything else that can break easily during shipping, they need support from air pillows so that they don’t have any other way of getting hurt during shipping.

1. #1: Not Assembling Before Shipping

You can’t ship a product without testing it first. If you don’t test your product, you’re risking your reputation, money, and customer satisfaction. You might send the wrong thing to your customer if you don’t test it. That is why it is important to have detailed instructions for how to package everything well before sending them out.


Before you start shipping, it is important to know what you need to take. Shipping can be very hard because it can involve more than one country. You will have to pack your product the way it needs to go, then ship it out. The pile of boxes and papers is a lot of work but not impossible to do.

It is a good idea to think about all the small pieces that make up your product. The smaller the better. Try to think of all the individual parts. For example, your packaging could be made of cardboard, shrink film, cereal boxes or paper towels. You need many things to make a product. The more, the better. If you know what all the things are ahead of time, you can make sure they are in your product. You will need letters and numbers for this.

2. #2: Using the Wrong Boxes

If you are trying to get from point A to point B, but you use the wrong boxes, you will not get there faster. And if want to build a business, you will not make it faster if you do not use the right boxes. This is what I have learned about correct packaging and transport. Brands ship products to people when they are made. For example, if you are making a portable printer to print flyers for your clients or a new printer for the office, then the answer to the question of whether or not to ship is no. Priority mail is the only shipping method where a product is not dedicated to the customer and it is sent just so that it can help someone’s life.

It is not necessary to ship this product in its entirety. All that is needed is the item be small and have a tracking number. With shipping usually cheaper than the time spent to ship, it makes sense to make use of shipping whenever possible. Instead of shipping a product to make your customer happy and use their products, why not ship service anyway?

A properly packed product must be protected against accidental damage and must get through customs unharmed. Otherwise, the product will come at a cost to you. The box should be very strong and there should be little protection for the product. After you put the products in their containers and label them, make sure they are close by.

 3. #3: Not Storing Your Products Properly

If you use the right products, but put them in a bad place, they will not work. It is like when you bake a cake and do not heat up the oven. The food might be perfect, but if the oven is too cold it will not work.

1. Carrying incorrect packaging

The first thing you need to do when sending your products is be sure that the boxes are marked “for retail sale” and have the right address. Make sure your packing slips are not tightly together.

When you check out, always double-check your address is on the outside of the box. It can be easy to make a mistake and put the wrong address. A stretchy address change kit will help you make sure that your correct address is on the outside of the package.

You’ll need to print out your packing slip. If you can’t ship with postal services that allow for this, try to bag the boxes for your product. It’s better if you only use one envelope, so it won’t create too much waste.

2. Packaging that can’t stow away

When you put items in a box, it is important to use the correct type of bag or box. Take a lunchbox for example. Put condiments and seasonings in them because they are smaller. But when you have a lot of condiments and seasonings, use a big box instead.

4. #4: Forgetting the Fragile Label

You should be gentle with yourself. You don’t need to take everything so personally. If you are facing harsh criticism for one of your hard-to-ship products, or if there is a slow shipment, we have some helpful tips for preventing major mishaps before they happen. Shipping a product is difficult and most shipping experts have experienced some major setbacks along the way. You can learn how to ship like a pro and also have fun at the same time!

1. Know the right documentation to use and stop putting tape on things

The toughest part of shipping products is navigating documentation requirements to keep your shipment on track — like getting your tracking number on all of the products you ship.

2. Forget to label your box

When you pack a lot of merchandise into one container, it’s best to put all the items in, from head to toe. If you have a small shipment, pack each box individually.

3. Send unboxed products for packing

Retailers store all of the products they sell in boxes, and put them on the website. Then they send them to you.


By ensuring that you follow these steps, you can ship your products without worrying about them getting damaged in transit. Good packaging will not only save you money by preventing breakage, but it will also help ensure that your customers get what they ordered and that they’re happy with their purchase. The Impressionville for online packaging service provides the best services and ensures the work of packaging.

The packaging is what retains the merchandise in its original state. When you sell the things that you have online, it is important that they are not broken. It has vast experience of sending unboxed products without any damage through its courier services all over worldwide by using branded packaging materials at very affordable price.


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