Perhaps you’ve found yourself with a stack of new hoodies after binge shopping, given how much time we’ve spent in our sweatpants over the last few months? No need to save your hoodies for a rainy day—they’ve become a modern-day wardrobe staple, and we are here to prove it. This cozy staple isn’t only for relaxing around the house; it’s surprisingly adaptable and can be worn in a variety of ways. Buy hoodies online to get an idea about how trendy the piece is. 

In the winter, layer a hoodie under a statement coat to stay warm, use a hoodie to balance off a pair of statement slacks, match unisex hoodies with a smart blazer, the possibilities are endless. Here are some hoodie styles that illustrate that comfort can be stylish.


Tie-dye sweat suits are all the trend right now, but the practical piece should remain a staple in your wardrobe once you’re out of quarantine. Wear your bright two-piece with an edgy bomber and a pair of fashionable sneakers. Tie-dyes are easily available when you buy hoodies online

Black unisex hoodie

Style your basic black hoodie with punk-inspired accessories to take it to the next level. To finish the look, tuck it into a plaid skirt with a belt to cinch around your waist and pair it with lace-up combat boots. At Catholic Connect Shop, we have the latest black hoodie for you. 

Cool pants 

The vibe for this look is “casual on top, party on the bottom.” A simple gray hoodie can be worn over a loud pair of jeans and heels to tame them down. The laid-back garment offers your ensemble a relaxed vibe and guarantees you don’t look overdressed.

Latex bottom 

The perfect cool-girl outfit consists of a black sweatshirt and latex trousers. To add a refined touch to the edgy style, add a tailored blazer on top. Unisex hoodies would look perfect in this fit. 

Party look 

A lace slip skirt and sky-high lace-up shoes with an oversized hoodie. If you want to attain the baggy look, shop in the men’s section or go for unisex hoodies


The ultimate laid-back outfit, a sweatshirt, and jeans can be dressed up or down. Add heeled boots and a boyfriend blazer to take your look to the next level. Choose a catholic graphic hoodie to add a pop of color to your ensemble from Catholic Connect Shop. 


It’s difficult to appear beautiful while fighting the weather in the winter; sometimes, all that matters is being warm. Great outerwear, such as a leather puffer, and layering pieces, such as hoodies, are the ideal approach to strike a balance between the two. Wear your leather puffer with a cool graphic hoodie and a turtleneck underneath. You’ll look fashionable while remaining toasty. Buy hoodies online to avoid going in the snowy weather. 

A designer hoodie

Anok Yai is a runway sensation, and her street style is equally impressive. A Prada pullover will help you achieve the perfect off-duty appearance; it’s comfortable, cool, and has the high-fashion seal of approval.

Cropped hoodie

If you don’t want to go for the baggy style, try a cropped hoodie to reveal a little more skin. Buy hoodies online and enjoy your holidays being fashionable. 


Accessorize anything, even an old, worn-in hoodie, for a new look. Wear a red bandana scarf around your neck, a classic coat, and a sleek designer bag to complete the look.

Unisex hoodies 

Buy hoodies online from Catholic Connect Shop if you prefer unisex catholic print hoodies. Staying meaningful, spiritual, and fashionable is a modern choice. For cute Christmas styling, they also have a Santa Claus unisex hoodie. 

Wrapping up

Styling a hoodie, and selecting one is a different experience. Buy hoodies online to have the latest trendy look. 

We hope the above styles will help you keep fashionable during this holiday season. Do check out spiritual and meaningful unisex hoodies from Catholic Connect Shop for this Christmas. You can also gift them to your loved ones as a Christmas gift. 

Stay warm and fashionable at the same time. Happy holidays, and a merry Christmas to all of you. 

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