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Insanity Workout for Fat People


Without a doubt, the insanity workout is one of the most rigorous and ultimately transformative exercise systems I have ever experienced. There are many who questioned whether an insanity workout is for fat people are not. I would challenge them to ultimately give the system a try. It is always recommended that any individual seeking to begin an exercise routine check with their medical professional to ensure that they can do so safely. It is also up to you to use your discretion when taking part in physical activity.

In the case of insanity workout, the system is designed with peak interval training as its main focal point. If you are unfamiliar with what peak interval training is, it is a training methodology that relies upon your heart rate being kept at optimum beats per minute rate.

For some people, this may be a little bit more advanced than they are ready for. Many have recommended that individuals who are suffering from mild to moderate obesity typically start a more low-impact exercise routine before engaging in insanity. No doubt about it this exercise system will put you through the wringer. The advantage of an insanity workout is to ultimately take your cardiovascular capacity to the next level and break right through that. Insanity for fat people may not be the best recommendation as to the challenging movements. Various high-impact exercises may have negative consequences for those who are less agile.

Ultimate Goal

While you cannot make a blanket recommendation for individuals as to whether or not they should try a particular exercise routine, ultimately the decision is up to them. I would advise anyone seeking to partake in this workout routine to begin slowly to fully understand the movements and the requirements of your body. Many people get the wrong idea about this workout system because they see the advertisements of these skinny individuals jumping and moving around quickly.

While yes that is the ultimate goal, it should not be a preventative factor in your decision-making process. Remember, it is always advisable to take everything at your own pace. If you need a longer rest period, just pause the DVD and take a longer rest. The creators of the system have fully understood this concept. He has even gone as far as to have Shawn T reinforce this fact throughout the DVDs.


The goal is to push yourself but not to the point of injury. It is not going to do you any good to engage in a tough workout routine. Because it will harm your body. So, if the question is whether or not insanity is for fat people, I would answer by saying that it is for those individuals who are seeking to try to try a different routine for exercise. Make no mistake, an insanity workout is difficult. It will push you to the limit if you let it. Don does not scare yourself into thinking that you will be unable to do it. If you have the right determination and consistency, you will be able to complete and master these workouts.

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