Job Opportunities Created by Robotics & Cybersecurity

Developing technology causes radical changes in almost every sector. This is true even for niche industries like iGaming: casino online sites look much different now than they did a decade ago, offering services that were not possible before. In this regard, we can say that the industry where the effects of technology are seen the most is robotics.

While the increasing use of robots is causing some jobs to disappear, it also creates new job opportunities. For example, there are many more jobs in cybersecurity now than a few years ago, and these opportunities continue to increase as the robotics industry evolves. So much so that some analysts believe 13 million jobs will be available for robotics & cybersecurity by 2023. You can join this revolution now: below, we list some of the latest job opportunities in both industries.

DevSecOps Engineer

This is the abbreviation of “development, security, and operations” and means integrating security features into every stage during software development. A DevSecOps engineer’s job is to make sure that every stage of a software development process, from start to finish, is safeguarded. At the same time, they need to ensure that the software remains high quality and fast despite all the security measures.

A DevSecOps engineer spends most of his time trying to communicate and coordinate between software development departments. It should ensure that every department is aware of the security measures added to the software and continue to do so throughout the entire process. Otherwise, a new feature added by one department may disable a security feature added by a different department, for example. The annual salary for this position is around $140,000 in the United States, but this number can vary depending on the project and experience.

AI Engineer

AI engineering is one of the fastest growing jobs as of 2022. These engineers build AI models from scratch and integrate machine learning models into APIs. What they do is develop programs and applications that mainly use artificial intelligence. They determine the data to be included in the training algorithms to be used for this purpose and enable a platform to make its own “decisions” based on user habits.

Do not think they are developing “artificial intelligence that will bring the end of humanity”. Developing AIs that are indistinguishable from humans also falls within the scope of this line of business, but they are also interested in “simple” things. For example, Netflix recommends many TV shows and movies for you to watch, right? It can do this because of machine learning, and an AI engineer designed how this system will work. An engineer specializing in artificial intelligence can earn between $170,000 and $250,000 annually. This is a very volatile business in terms of annual salary, and it is possible to earn much more: everything depends on how big the project is. 

Offensive Security Engineer

An offensive security engineer does a similar job to DevSecOps but approaches it very differently. These engineers are “pen testing” and “red teaming” a ready-to-market software before its release. The first of these is penetration testing, which means a cyber-attack simulation in which exploitable vulnerabilities are tried to be detected. Red teaming, on the other hand, refers to the tactics used to hack the software by thinking like a cyber attacker. Offensive security engineers are paid to think like criminals and do everything in their power to “crack” the software.

This is a much more important position than it seems because hacked software could mean a production stoppage in dozens of factories. In many industries, such as automotive, a large part of the production is carried out only with robots. Imagine the software that controls all those robots falling into the hands of cyber attackers: the result could be complete chaos. Offensive security engineers make sure that won’t happen (and DevSecOps are doing a good job). The annual salary for this position ranges from $136,000 to $145,000.

Software Engineer, Secure Embedded Operating Systems

You didn’t think the software controlling the robots was using Microsoft Windows, did you? The robotics industry needs special operating systems: these are secure systems developed specifically for each industry. They are developed for only one purpose and can only be connected to an internal network, for example. Developing these operating systems is the job of software engineers. But not just any engineer: the person who will assume this position needs to be an expert in secure embedded operating systems (SEOS). For example, if you own a Tesla car, look at the dashboard: you are looking at an SEOS developed for this car only.

SEOS systems are mostly Linux-based, and the engineer needs to be knowledgeable enough to compile a Linux kernel from scratch. In addition, it is necessary to be an expert on topics such as VLANs, TCP tuning, NIC features, PKI, and cryptographic building blocks. Software engineers specializing in this field earn an average of $125,000 annually, but this figure can vary widely. It is possible to say that annual income drops to $80,000 in entry-level positions. Once again, it depends on the project.

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